Explore majors

Do you dread The Question? You know the one... "What is your major?"

Fear not. Many students start their collegiate career without a major. And still others will change their major at least once before graduating. It's not unusual, and it is not a bad thing.

If this is you, here are some ideas to think about when thinking about your major:

Focus on taking the required general education courses.
Many of the competencies courses give introductions into various fields.

  • Note which courses appeal to you. Is there a pattern?
  • Evaluate when the course is completed. Was it interesting? Do you want to know more?

Visit the Center for Career and Vocation
Request an appointment or call 419-358-3030 during office hours.

  • Assessments can help affirm or discover skills or interests you may have that relate to a career.
  • Meet with professionals in the CCV to develop an individual plan for identifying a major and future career.

Meet with others in fields of interest.

  • The professor who teaches the course that intrigued you can help you better understand the major and future career opportunities.
  • Persons currently working in that field. This may include Bluffton alumni through the Alumni Mentoring Network

Seek opportunities to confirm your interests.

  • Get involved on campus. There are more than 50 organizations from which to choose!
  • Job shadow or seek internships, summer jobs or volunteer work in an area of interest. Contact the CCV for assistance.
  • Get paid to explore your vocation through grant opportunities offered at Bluffton.

Don’t panic

  • A major and a job are not one in the same. There are a variety of careers available to liberal arts majors. Waiting a year to declare your major may be one of your wisest decisions.