Mission and values

The Bluffton University Mission 

“Shaped by the historic peace church tradition and nourished by a desire for excellence in all phases of its programs, Bluffton University seeks to prepare students of all backgrounds for life as well as vocation, for responsible citizenship, for service to all peoples and, ultimately, for the purposes of God’s universal kingdom.”

four enduring values

Bluffton’s enduring values of DISCOVERY, COMMUNITY, RESPECT and SERVICE set Bluffton apart from other institutions. Bluffton provides an educational experience that teaches Christian Values in a Global Community - or put in another way - living out faith with purpose through the Mennonite values of peacemaking and service.

  • DISCOVERY speaks to the explorative nature of Bluffton’s academic life and cross-cultural experiences, of making new friends, growing your personal faith and discovering your purpose in the world.  
  • COMMUNITY is seen in the rich collaboration that takes place between professors, students and staff. The residential nature of campus leads to interaction, inclusiveness and lifelong friendships. 
  • RESPECT means appreciating diversity, valuing the faith and opinions of others and caring for the environment. Respect and honesty are a way of life at Bluffton.
  • SERVICE is expressed through a call for faith-based stewardship. You will have opportunities to discover the needs of the world and will be prepared to make a difference through your chosen vocation.

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