Mennonite faith: Sharing God’s love

Christian denomination
with a focus on Respect, peace and service

Mennonites believe, with their Christian brothers and sisters, in the great affirmations of faith: God becoming human, the lordship of Christ, the power of the Gospel, the work of the Holy Spirit and the authority of the scriptures.

Key values: 

In the Mennonite heritage, these beliefs lead to distinctive emphases.

  • Faith is voluntary.
  • Christians are called to a life of love, reconciliation and peacemaking.
  • Injustice is to be overcome with good.
  • Happiness is more than material well-being.
  • Moral authority is more than political power.
  • Life is to be lived simply.
  • All of nature is a gift of God to be cherished with a sense of gratitude and stewardship.
  • Loving, sacrificial service is the highest expression of faithfulness to Christ.

Bluffton University is affiliated with Mennonite Church USA. Despite common misconceptions, you’ll not find buggies or horse stables on campus. What you will find is a diverse, welcoming Christian community.

We seek to shape our voluntary chapel worship services in ways that are meaningful to all students, regardless of their religious background. A wide variety of spiritual life organizations and activities are available.

With students from 28 different Christian denominations, 20 states and 11 countries, the Bluffton University campus is very diverse. Shaped by Mennonite values of respect, peacemaking and service, we believe there is great value with people of different backgrounds come together to create one community.

Campus pastor Tig Intagliata

It’s all about relationships

Get involved in SERVE or the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, sing with the chapel band or serve as a ministry assistant.

Chapel service

Faith is voluntary

Opportunities are provided for the community of faith to gather for worship. Students assist in planning and leading these services.

2021-22 Ministry Team

Student ministry assistants

Ministry assistants are available for peer counseling and to help other students find ways to put their faith into action.

Mennonite organizations and institutions: