Darby Benroth

Darby Benroth, President of American Warming and Ventilating

“Earning my MBA helped me become confident and assertive in ways I’ve never been before. The program focuses on practical ways to learn and grow in business which ultimately impacts far more than your professional life.” 

Jackie Fox, OMP graduate

Jackie Fox, '02, chief executive officer, West Ohio Community Action Partnership

“My daughters saw me go from being a single mom working two jobs all the way up to being director of Head Start to now CEO.” 

Church Partners

Corporate partners

Discover how Bluffton University can enhance the performance of your members and their success in the classroom by providing career advancement skills and valuable training opportunities. 

Our Church Partners agreements can be tailored to fit the needs of your church and include a variety of benefits such as: 

  • Tuition discounts for members, spouses and dependents.
  • Adult degree programs that integrate leadership training.
  • The flexibility to earn a master’s degree or complete a bachelor’s degree online while continuing to work and according to their schedule.

Program Details

  • All members - including their spouses and dependents - can enroll for 20 percent off the cost of tuition.
  • Joining the Church Partners program with Bluffton University comes with no cost to your church or your members.
  • The Church Partners Program is a value-added opportunity offered alongside your church’s existing programs.
  • Bluffton’s Church Partners Program is available to churches with approximately 70 members or more.

Get started:

Bluffton University will work with your church’s your church leadership to create a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the discount arrangement with your church. Bluffton will provide a customized website containing all the information your members will need to take part in the Church Partners Program, including useful links to learn more about Bluffton University, our degree programs and more.

Bluffton University’s academic programs that have partnerships with other schools, are not included in the Church Partners Program.


Shelby Koenig
Enrollment Counselor Adult and Graduate Studies

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Emotional Intelligence video

Emotional Intelligence video

Dr. George Lehman is available to Church Partners for personal sessions on Emotional Intelligence. 

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