Alumni Award Nominations

The Alumni Association officers rely on nominations from alumni and friends when making selections for alumni awards. There are no limitations on the number of nominations an individual may make. Please complete the following survey to nominate deserving alumni.  Nominations will be kept on file and reviewed annually for three years.

Outstanding Young Alumni Award - The Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognizes a recent graduate who has distinguished him or herself through service to people, community or church, or who has made significant contributions in his or her career. The recipient must have graduated from Bluffton University within the last 10 years.

Professional Achievement Award - The Professional Achievement Award recognizes a graduate who has continued the pursuit of intellectual growth and has explored creative avenues in his or her chosen field. As a result, this individual has achieved notable success and recognition in his or her career.

Faculty/Staff Service Award - The Faculty/Staff Service Award recognizes a former Bluffton faculty or staff person (alumnus or non-alumnus) who during his or her time on campus fostered a spirit of community through personal relationships with others. This individual provided mentoring and inspiration to students, guiding them down their life's path.

Lifetime Service Award - The Lifetime Service Award recognizes an individual who has dedicated his or her life to heartfelt service to people, community or church. Inspired by personal faith in God and the ultimate purposes of His kingdom, this individual has made a difference in the lives of others.

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