Fly/Drive Bluffton

Bluffton University campus

No matter how far away you live, we want you to experience Bluffton. If you live more than 250 miles from Bluffton, we will reimburse a portion of your travel costs. 

You must make arrangements prior to your visit to for reimbursement through Fly/Drive Bluffton.

Fly Bluffton

If you live more than 300 miles from Bluffton, we can provide financial assistance for you to fly to visit. We encourage you to schedule a personal visit

When you visit, bring the receipt for your ticket and we will reimburse half the airfare, up to $250. When you enroll at Bluffton, your account will be credited for the other half. Total reimbursement will not exceed $500. Your visit must be pre-arranged with the admissions office to qualify for the Fly Bluffton program. 

Drive Bluffton

If you live at least 250 miles from Bluffton, we will reimburse your drive to campus at a rate of 15 cents per mile, up to a maximum of $250.

Bring a friend! If you bring a high school friend along, you will be reimbursed 20 cents per mile, and 25 cents per mile for two or more friends (up to $350). 

Come for a personal visit during the week or a Discover Bluffton group visit. 

You may use the Fly/Drive program for one visit only.

Make arrangements before your visit to take advantage of this program. Fly/Drive cannot be used for attending orientation or move in.

Located in Bluffton, Ohio