RA & HD recommendation

Two recommendations are required for each new RA applicant. One must be completed by the applicant's current RA, and a second by a residence life staff member (a second RA, chaplain, hall director) or another Bluffton community member (faculty/staff preferred.)

Returning RAs, please get one reference from a current student on your floor.

Hall director applicants are required to have two recommendations.

Please evaluate the applicant on each of the characteristics listed below. please rate how accurately you believe the statement describes this candidate in each area. Leave comments as needed.

ABILITY TO INSPIRE: The candidate exhibits a composure and mannerism leading others to recognize the candidate as a leader within the community and a positive role model. Please rate
ORGANIZATION: Candidate is very dependable, prompt, accurate, conscientious and self-motivating. He/She would do an excellent job on all assignments. Please rate
FAITH: Candidate possesses the ability to discuss issues with others and has a respect for those of all faith backgrounds. Please rate
COMMUNICATION: Candidate has exceptional ability to understand questions, grasp new ideas, think reflectively, and express their thoughts verbally and clearly. Please rate
LEARNING: Candidate is extremely open to new experiences, different perspectives, and is receptive to suggestions and criticism. Please rate
RELATIONAL SKILLS: Candidate is very cooperative, would be instrumental in developing positive group morale. Additionally, the candidate is a good listener and relates well to others. Please rate
SOCIAL SENSITIVITY: Candidate is exceptionally sensitive and responsive to feelings of others and has an ability to respond to them appropriately. Please rate
ASSERTIVENESS: Candidate expresses their feelings in honest and direct manner, and has an ability to stand up for his/her own ideas and to confront others constructively and respectfully. Please rate
SAFETY AND CITIZENSHIP: Candidate has an evenness of disposition and mood, is well controlled and predictable, and displays maturity. Please rate
INTEGRATION OF LIVING AND LEARNING: Candidate loves and excels at learning, is engaged in the life of the mind, understands and can articulate the mission of Bluffton University. Please rate
Overall, how would you rate this candidate? 1 (would not hire) - 10 (hire with no reservations)