Room draw

Room draw is the process through which all returning Bluffton University students planning to live on campus choose a residence hall, room and roommate for the next academic year.  


If you want to stay in the same room with your same roommate for next year, you can complete the nesting form online in five minutes (called room nesting). If you complete this form, you do not have to submit any further documentation for room draw. 

Apartment living
Preference for registering to live in the Riley Court apartments will be given to groups who sign up with six people. Decisions on who will be living in the apartments will be determined by credit hours, with undergraduates having priority within those groups. If any apartments are left after these groups of six register, there will be a room draw for any available apartments in groups of two. 

Move to another room/hall
If you would like to move to another room/hall you must complete the room draw preference form on my.bluffton. Choosing what room you live in will not be an option. This room draw process for housing happens annually after spring break.  

Please note cost varies by residence hall so please check the cost for your room and hall. 

This process will be explained in full during a mandatory hall meeting for all returning students.   

If you have specific questions or concerns, please consult your resident advisor and/or hall director. The student life office (419-358-3247) is also available for questions and concerns. 

2024 Important dates

March 1 Apartment Application and Nesting forms go live on my.bluffton 
March 15 Apartment applications are due on my.bluffton at 5 p.m. 
March 20 (tentative) Apartment housing decisions communicated
March 19-22 Hall Meetings
March 22 Nesting forms are due on my.bluffton at 5 p.m. 
March 26 Room Draw Preference Form goes live on my.bluffton at Noon 
April 9 Room Draw Preference Form due on my.bluffton at 5 p.m. 

Room draw order

For room draw, draw order is determined by class rank and a submitted form. 

Class rank is determined by the number of credit hours a student has passed plus the hours the student is currently taking. Summer credit hours will not be included in the determination. Class rank for draw order will be based on whole-year standings only. Students with a minimum of:    

  • 88 semester hours will have senior class rank
  • 58 semester hours will have junior class rank
  • 27 semester hours will have sophomore class rank

EVERYONE needs to submit a room draw form; If not approved for an apartment, you must fill out the nesting form or fill out the room draw preference form. If you do not submit a preference form, you will still be housed based off the available spots after housing individuals who have submitted the room draw preference form.