John D. Unruh Award

Win cash for your exceptional research paper written for a humanities and/or social science regular class assignment!

>>> $100 will be awarded to the winning research paper


  • The research paper should be from the areas of the humanities and the social sciences and reflect the highest qualities of undergraduate research and writing.

  • The paper should result from regular course work taken at Bluffton University in the humanities and/or social science disciplines. The competition will consider papers completed from April 1, 2018, to April 1, 2019. Papers completed as part of an honors project or independent study will not be accepted, because they are perceived as having an unfair advantage over a regular term paper.  However, any Senior Seminar papers are eligible.

  • An evaluation committee headed by the chair of the history department will evaluate each paper in terms of originality, research and clarity of expression.

  • Any currently enrolled student at Bluffton University is eligible.

  • A copy of the paper should be submitted to Perry Bush, chair of the History & Religion Department (office Byers 208, Marbeck Box 142) . If you have any questions, please see Dr. Bush.

  • The winner will be recognized during the Academic Awards Forum. 

This annual competition is offered in honor of John D. Unruh, professor of history at Bluffton College, 1962-64, 1967-76. The John D. Unruh Memorial Fund was organized to promote undergraduate research and scholarship.