Athletic Fundraising

Athletics Fundraising Guidelines

All athletics fundraisers must be approved by James Grandey, deputy director of athletics, and the Advancement office. If there is a design element involved in the fundraiser, it must also be approved by the Public Relations office.

Fundraising and Sponsorship Proposal Application

A fundraiser is an event where you are asking people to give money for a product or a cause. A sponsorship is when you are asking, often times a business, to provide funding for a specific project or event.
Why is the fundraiser/sponsorship necessary? Who will this benefit?
What audiences will be solicited for sponsorships (cash and product donations)? Who specifically will be making the “ask” for the sponsorships?
ex. Finances off-season training, teaches students about philanthropy, enhances community involvement, etc.
Do you plan to use promotional items (letters, posters, social media graphics, etc.)?
Do you plan to order apparel?

Materials you plan to use to promote this event, as well as any apparel, must be approved by PR before being ordered or distributed. Once the concept of your fundraiser or event has been approved, you need to submit your designs to PR for approval, or request a design to be created by PR.

Please note: Some events may require additional approval from the Vice President if the event involves liability issues or contractual agreements with vendors. After review of your application, you will be notified if your application has been sent on to the appropriate VP.