Naomi Brenneman Essay Contest

Win cash for an outstanding essay on a literary topic written for a course or independent study at Bluffton.

$75 will be awarded to the winning essay.
Deadline: March 31

In honor of Naomi Brenneman, professor of English at Bluffton University, 1918-61, alumni and friends have established a fund to recognize the outstanding research and/or interpretive essay on a literary topic.


  • The essay must be written for a course or an independent study at Bluffton University during this academic year. Honors papers are not eligible.
  • Creative writing projects and papers on grammar are not eligible.
  • The essay, 3-30 pages in length, must be typed.
  • Two copies of the paper should be submitted to Cynthia Bandish, box 131, chair of the English/Language department, by the last day of March.
  • Any student at Bluffton University is eligible.
  • The winner will be selected by judges outside the English faculty and will be recognized during the Academic Awards Forum.