Summer semester

The summer program at Bluffton University is designed to meet the needs of college students (from Bluffton or other colleges), nontraditional learners and recent high school graduates who are interested in a head start on college courses.

Students who have not taken course work at Bluffton University during the preceding period must apply for admission through the admissions office or office of adult and graduate education. To gain admission to Bluffton a student must be a graduate of a recognized high school and have earned a minimum of 16 units of high school work, or have successfully completed a home school program.

All candidates for admission to Bluffton, whether to the first-year class or to advanced standing, must present satisfactory evidence of good moral character and must, upon registering, subscribe to the standards of campus conduct. Admission application forms are available from the admissions office.

The Bluffton University summer semester program provides a flexible pattern of study. Bluffton aims to provide online courses in general education program. In addition to these courses, the summer semester session provides opportunity for directed studies individually designed schedules (comparable to tutorials) with fewer contact hours for greater flexibility. These arrangements require a contract which specifies required reading and additional requirements. The minimum contact time for faculty and students in directed studies is six hours for each semester hour of credit.

Directed studies within the May term or summer semester sessions must be approved by the dean; the request is to be made jointly by the instructor and the student.

No student may receive credit for more than four hours during the May term and more than 12 hours during the two summer sessions, either through enrollment in regular courses, directed studies or a combination, without approval from the registrar.

For further information, contact the registrar's office at 419-358-3321.

August 2021