Dysfunctional Momentum

by Rietta Parker

Glass shatters over the larynx
releasing unheard melodies
coalescing into harmony
to mingle with the petrichor rising
from the steam-rolled pavement—

 —as my foot buries the brake pedal.
My tires are still unsatisfied,
unyielding, screaming—for what?

Eighth notes split in two under my feet,
                                         a ribbon of horsehair stays drawn across steel.

Will my casket be adorned with interweaving blooms
whispering sweet “what ifs” into the dark, cherry finish?


Will I go up in flames?
Ashes scattered along the shore I once walked,
singing softly.

Rietta Parker


Rietta Parker

Rietta Parker has a B.S. in secondary English education and an M.A. in English-creative writing from Auburn University. When she isn’t teaching or writing, she’s an aspiring wedding, special services and event singer.