Within a forest, magnolia trees create a shelter, 
                                    the trail of petals form a pink carpet,
                        a great hall without its top to envelope voices,
            children standing on both ends,
a familiar game
            of the mugunghwa has perched,
                        the uneven grounds don’t impede
their running - they consider
            the landscape to be a challenge
the game would continue even
                        with injuries, the tripping over planks
            of wood and twigs, until
their echoes of laughter extend
                        like the scent of Jasmine sepals
            caressing budworms, soon
                        silence will begin to mar the skies
                                    and bandaids will begin to peel off
                        revealing a timer
running out.

Jaewon Chang

Jaewon Chang is a high school junior in the Philippines. He enjoys solving math problems and travelling the city on foot. His works have been published in magazines such as the Blue Marble Review and Eunoia Review.

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