by Cara Echols ’19
Through shared experiences, from Chapels to Forums to trips across the swinging bridge and many late night study sessions in between, students form strong bonds at Bluffton; so strong the connections formed can develop into students building a second family right on campus. But eight current students came to campus with both their best friend and their closest family member already beside them. Four pairs of twins are currently studying at Bluffton. From freshmen to seniors, there is one pair for each class.

Beasley TwinsLeslie and LaJohn Beasley
Fraternal twins
Year: First year
Majors: Social work & Business

What’s one of the best parts about being a twin?
Leslie: “You have someone that understands you, everything
about you. Even if he’s a boy, he understands everything about me even though I’m a girl.”
LaJohn: “I know her very well, and she knows me. And because she knows me very well, she can annoy me very easily.”
Leslie: “Same.”

What about the cons?
LaJohn: "I can't think if any cons. But I want to know what it's like being an identical twin."
Leslie: "I feel like that would change everything, like if I was with a girl twin all the time."
LaJohn: "I'm glad we're fraternal."

What's it like having a twin on campus:
Leslie: "It was a big deal when we came to orientation. I remember everyone was like, 'oh, you're the twins.' But it doesn't really affect us at all."
LaJohn: "I don't really thing it affects us."

What makes you individually unique?
LaJohn: “I mean we’re interested in the same stuff other than she likes guys and I like girls I guess. That’s probably
the only thing we don’t have in common.”
Leslie: “We’re like two opposite people; it’s really weird. Our personalities are completely different. He is super chill, laid back, and very social, where I’m introverted. We balance each other out.”
LaJohn: “We’re very different people. We have similar interests, but it’s like interests in different ways.”

Do you remember dressing similarly or do you now?
"My older brother is just a year apart so our parents dressed the boys together when we were younger."
LaJohn: "Me and my brother looked a lot alike when we were younger."
Leslie: "Yeah, so they like twinned them."

Does having a twin differ from an ordinary sibling?
"I don't think it would be any different because we have an older brother. I don't think if he came here it would be much different."
LaJohn: "If I didn't have a twin I think I would be a little more independent or she would be a little more independent. We would be able to do our own thing."
Leslie: "Oh, I see what you're saying, because we do the same things."

Do you think you have twin telepathy:
"Uh, sort of, kind of."
Leslie: "We played a trick on my volleyball team. Like they would ask LaJohn a question and he would tell them something and then signal me. Then they would ask me the question and I would say the same thing. I think that's the funniest thing we do to people."

BenjaminWeaver Twins and Alexander Weaver
Fraternal twins
Year: Sophomores
Majors: Psychology

What’s it like having a twin on campus?
Ben: “I think it’s closer than even having a friend on campus, and especially since we’re both doing a psych major it’s like we’re going through school together. It’s not just like friends doing the same thing, but you know whatever you go into in the end you’re still going to be connected in that way.”
Alex: “Because of our majors, we have a lot of similar classes.”
Ben: “It helps cause we can ask each other questions and advice on what to take.”

Do you remember dressing similarly or do you now?
Ben: “Our styles are different. He likes t-shirts and hoodies. We both like flannels, but I always wear v-necks and jeans.”
Alex: “We don’t intentionally try to dress alike. Sometimes we just end up that way because we have a lot of the same clothes. So sometimes it just kind of happens.”

Walters TwinsHoward and Dean Walters
Fraternal twins
Year: Juniors
Majors: IT/Business & Biology/Pre-med

What about the cons?
Howard: “I don’t really think there would be any.”
Dean: “We get along pretty well.”
Howard: “Yeah, I mean we don’t hate each other, and we
have such different schedules.”
Dean: “Yeah, it’s not like we ever see each other because we
are so busy. So I can’t really think of any cons.”

Does having a twin differ from an ordinary sibling?
Dean: “Well, it’s not like we’re identical twins and do the same thing all the time.”
Howard: “Yeah, I mean even growing up we always were in the same grade and same classes, but it was just normal.”
Dean: “We are two totally different people.”

AustinEvery Twins and Kevin Every
Identical twins
Year: Seniors
Majors: Information technology

What’s one of the best parts about being a twin?
Austin: “Well, normal people they have to find their best friend. When you have a twin, you’re kind of born with them. So you’re always with them.”
Kevin: “It can be helpful sometimes. Like you might have a best friend, but you may not live in the same area. Or, I can wear his clothes if I need something. We drive home together which is nice; we share a car.”

Do you think you have twin telepathy?
Austin: “We’re going to get a list of things that we know are the same, so we can freak people out. Other than that, we just say the same thing at the same time.”
Kevin: “There were times where I would tell my mom something about college and then five minutes later Austin would come up, without talking to me, and say the exact same thing. I don’t know if that’s twin telepathy, but we definitely think the same.”

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