Bluffton Blueprint

Bluffton magazine cover, spring 2019

How do you prepare the next generation of students for a future that will be different than anyone can imagine?

At Bluffton University, the answer is through the Bluffton Blueprint—four foundational courses, one for each year of college, which create a core of resiliency for the next generation of Bluffton students.

Featuring both traditional classroom learning and experiential components, the Bluffton Blueprint starts with The Great Adventure, a fall break retreat focused on the mind, body and spirit, in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. These experiences will push students to look at their majors and futures in unexpected ways.

From changing careers to moving across the country, the Bluffton Blueprint provides a framework for the challenges that come with life and, ultimately, for their greater purpose.

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Each course within the Bluffton Blueprint aligns with one of Bluffton’s enduring values—Discovery, Community, Respect and Service. These courses, as part of the Bluffton University Enduring Values General Education Program, will allow students to see how different groups of people come together to create positive change.

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 Great Smoky Mountains

Surrounded by the vast natural beauty and immensity of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, The Great Adventure, a fall break retreat for all first-year Bluffton University students, provides the opportunity to reflect on the big questions in life. Who am I? What is my truth? What values do I live by?

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Mayor Berger

Through hands-on community partnerships, developed specifically for this class, students will get an early look at how they can make a difference in their field of study.

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 Cross Cultural

A pivotal element of a Bluffton education, cross-cultural
experiences are explorations for growth and new understandings. They offer a journey of personal discovery into the richness and challenges of other cultures and communities.

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A student’s education comes full-circle during the final course in the Bluffton Blueprint, Christian Values in a Global Community, when students are challenged to answer the same question posed to John the Baptist

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Alumni Stories


If Riordan McClain had to summarize in one word his journey to serving in the Ohio House of Representatives it would be “unexpected.” “There were twists and turns in my path that I wouldn’t have projected,” explained McClain, but it all started with his education at Bluffton.

Serving God, family and the 87th district >

Lincoln Hall Cornerstone

Featuring items ranging from a Bible donated by a Bluffton resident to coins including a Buffalo nickel, the contents of the Lincoln Hall cornerstone were on display during an exhibit at Musselman Library on May Day weekend.

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