President Jane Wood

President's message

This issue highlights the spirit of positive energy on campus and a number of ways, among many, that Bluffton is building momentum through academic, athletic and student engagement programs that grow from our enduring mission and values.

Building Momentum

A Vision for Bluffton’s Future

At Bluffton University, our sense of a greater purpose develops students of exceptional character and expansive vision. Since 1899, we’ve been learning, experiencing and bettering the world together.

When President Jane Wood first came to campus one year ago, she quickly realized there was something special about Bluffton. Since taking office in July, she’s mobilized efforts to share the Bluffton story of success through nine “Momentum Makers”—areas of longstanding accomplishment in academics, athletics and student engagement.

Momentum Makers include: nutrition and dietetics, education, enduring values general education, volleyball, football, women's basketball, “The Wit” and “Bridge”, Community and providing meaning and purpose.

Momentum makers

One of two accredited programs at private colleges in Ohio

Nutrition and dietetics

Two statistics highlight the program’s success. While 50 percent of students nationally who apply for post-bachelor dietetic internships earn placements, Bluffton students who apply boast an 85 percent placement rate.
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Accredited program with classroom experience starting in the first year


Bluffton earned a 100 percent pass rate on the Ohio Assessments for Education in 2018. This shows the university develops teachers who are both qualified and called.
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 A new approach to the general education program at Bluffton

Enduring values

Bluffton University’s general education program was recently updated to better serve incoming students and reflect the values of the university.
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Eight NCAA tournament appearances and 11 conference titles


Before every game, the Bluffton volleyball team envisions their success. The team also has a mantra that is ingrained into their psyche.
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A new staff and a fresh outlook


In his ninth month on the job, head coach Aaron Krepps has added Chris Mosley, a former assistant coach for the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers; DeVan Hill, who has 10 years of Division I experience; and Josh Runda, a 2014 alumnus who served as a graduate assistant while earning his Bluffton MBA in 2016.
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Six consecutive HCAC tournament appearances


For the Bluffton women’s basketball team, success hinges on one key concept—playing as a team. 
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“The Witmarsum” and “Bridge Literary Journal” allow our students publishing experience from their first year

Bridge editorial staff

Having just finished their fifth issue, “Bridge: The Bluffton University Literary Journal” student editorial associates went from reading 75 submissions for their first publication to up to 500 a semester.
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Celebrating nature, the outdoors and our relationship with the village of Bluffton


“We have a truly wonderful resouce in the Nature Preserve that is greatly enhanced by the addition of the Moyer Nature Center.”
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It’s more than a degree, it’s a path toward a life of passion and purpose

meaning and purpose

At Bluffton, lives are shaped with a careful focus on vocational discernment. This work is highlighted at Bluffton’s Center for Career and Vocation.
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Alumni stories


Larry and Ginny Cress have a passion for service and an interest in bicycles, so they started The Wheelhouse, a Christian bicycle cooperative, in the basement of Elm Street Church of the Brethren in Lima. 
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Cory Goldfuss

During his junior year at Bluffton, computer science major Cory Goldfuss ’03 immersed himself in the Jamaican culture. Sixteen years later, Goldfuss’ cross-cultural experience has come “full circle.” 
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Lincoln Hall

A presence near the center of campus for nearly a century, Lincoln Hall will endure in the memories of many Bluffton alumni and friends.
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