Questions about the FAFSA?

What a year it’s been for financial aid!

We are patiently waiting for the federal government to release FAFSA information so that we can provide you with ACCURATE financial aid information.  While we wait, let us answer some frequently asked questions.

Make sure you input Bluffton’s school code of 003016 before you submit the FAFSA! If you already submitted it and forgot to add Bluffton, you will need to wait until you get an email from Student Aid/US Department of Education that your FAFSA has successfully processed before you can and add Bluffton. Once the confirmation email arrives, log back in and add our number, but make sure that you click “submit” again!

Right now, no college or university has access to any FAFSA information. When the federal government is ready, they will release FAFSAs to the colleges that you’ve requested information be sent to. This should begin to happen in mid-March; however, schools won’t get all the FAFSAs at once. The government will release FAFSAs in small batches, meaning a school may not get your FAFSA right away. Please be patient as we all work through these challenges!

Bluffton University is committed to putting financial aid information in students’ hands as soon as possible. However, there are challenges that prevent us from being able to do that as quickly as we would like. After Bluffton begins to receive FAFSA information, we must send several financial aid offers in for testing to ensure that our formula is correct within our packaging software. This ensures that students get the aid they have earned and we don’t miss anything! After we have confirmation that our software is working correctly, we will immediately begin to mail out financial aid offers.

Absolutely! Our admissions and financial aid teams are here to help. Start by contacting your admissions counselor to set up a call. We would be happy to talk on the phone or over Zoom so we can see your FAFSA screen and walk you through the process. Please note that the FAFSA webpage is only open a few hours a day. Make sure you are logging on during an open window otherwise you may not be able to submit. 

We encourage everyone to file the FAFSA, even if you don’t think you will qualify for any federal or state aid. Bluffton University also provides aid to families to close the gap between cost of attendance and a student’s out-of-pocket cost. If you still choose not to file the FAFSA, or if you are ineligible to file, let your admissions counselor know. We will provide you with an official financial aid offer without any federal or state aid for which you may qualify. 

Great news! We are so excited you’re going to be a Beaver. You can submit your $100 deposit online at or mail a check made out to Bluffton University to Admissions, 1 University Drive, Bluffton, OH 45817. 

The Net Price Calculator is a great tool to give you an idea of how much you’ll pay to attend Bluffton; however, it doesn’t take into consideration any additional scholarships or grants you may receive from outside entities, including aid that you may get from Bluffton based on your major. Only your official financial aid offer will tell you exactly your cost to attend Bluffton.

We are not offering estimated offers at this time. Please file the FAFSA and we will send you an official financial aid offer as soon as we can!

Let your admissions counselor know that you’d like to set up a time to talk with financial aid. They will help get something scheduled for you. Not sure who your admissions counselor is? Email or call 419-358-3257 for assistance.