2022-23 President's Ambassadors

Bluffton University President’s Ambassadors are high-achieving students who will assist in recruiting prospective students, welcoming and greeting campus guests, and engaging alumni and donors.

Lead ambassadors

Darius Boeke

Darius Boeke ’24

Mathematics major with AYA Licensure from Sidney, Ohio

The community feel of Bluffton is very hard to find. We are a close-knit community where everyone knows each other, and I love that aspect of Bluffton. I’m also a student athlete and this was one of the couple schools that was interested in my abilities.

Nathan DeWeese

Nathan DeWeese ’23

Mathematics and Business Administration major from Columbus, Ohio

When I first visited campus, I was greeted by people I had never met. There were faculty and students that took a true interest in me from the start. The small class sizes were appealing to me, and I have never felt like a number in a seat. My professors know who I am and take in interest in my activities.

Riley Garmatter

Riley Garmatter ’24

Primary P-5 Education and Special Intervention major from Rawson, Ohio

The very first steps of my first ever visit at Bluffton simply felt like home. I had visited other campuses but at Bluffton, the small, welcoming community of friendly faces made me comfortable in a new environment. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future, and the people I met at Bluffton made me feel like that was perfectly okay and the professors I met with encouraged me and informed me that we could figure my future out together. That was one of the first signs of community, and since being here, community has proven itself to be a true quality this campus has.

Noah Heiing

Noah Heiing ’24

Communication and Media major from Delphos, Ohio

I chose to attend Bluffton for several reasons. One reason was for the small class sizes. I really enjoy the personalized attention I get from professors. I really enjoy how all of the professors know your name and are so willing to help. I also enjoy campus itself. It is so small, beautiful and just feels like home.

Grace Liechty Zickafoose

Grace Liechty Zickafoose ’23

Mathematics Education major from Lima, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because it truly felt like home as soon as I stepped onto campus. The tight knit community made me feel so welcomed, and I truly believed that I would grow to my full potential here on campus.

MacKenzie Martin

MacKenzie Martin ’24

Speech-Language Patholgy and Audiology major from Hartville, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because the community is not only incredibly welcoming and genuine, but the people here are passionate about seeing and helping each other succeed and reach their goals.

President’s ambassadors

Kelly Armentrout

Kelly Armentrout ’24

Exercise Science major from Lima, Ohio

Bluffton has provided me with friendships I will carry with me for the rest of my life. There’s not a lot of places that you can walk around and be able to say “good morning” to everyone, and I think that’s something that’s really special. It makes home feel like it’s not so far away.

Emily Buss

Emily Buss ’25

Marketing and Communication major from Kalida, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because of how small it is along with the friendly environment. During my college search, I was looking for a school that made me feel like I belonged. The friendly and outgoing environment here in Bluffton brings that sense of belonging, and it makes me feel at home.

Haley Byrnes

Haley Byrnes ’23

Exercise Science major from Worthington, Ohio

I choose Bluffton because it instantly gave me a sense of comfort. I love the family community atmosphere of the university and how welcoming everyone is. Bluffton had a strong program for exercise science and has a lot of resources that will help me reach my future career goals. I felt that this was the best fit for me because I like to have lots of interpersonal relationships and want to build close bonds with the professors, staff, and my fellow classmates. I thought the campus was beautiful and fit me and what’s best for me.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung ’25

Middle Childhood Education major from Delphos, Ohio

I choose Bluffton because of the friendly atmosphere and the positive environment. As soon as I stepped on campus, I knew that it was the place for me. Bluffton is a small campus, but it makes you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. There are so many opportunities that are offered here that challenge you to grow.

Jackson Clark

Jackson Clark ’25

Business Administration major from Mount Blanchard, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because I wanted to further my education close to my hometown so I could be near my friends and family yet create new connections and be a part of a bigger community, as well. I’ve made so many friends here and have had plenty of great experiences on campus. I’m very grateful to be where I am right now, thanks to Bluffton.

Ezra Deitering

Ezra Deitering ’24

English Education and Language Arts AYA major from Miller City, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because it seemed like the right place for me to continue to grow both academically, spiritually, and to further my passion for education. I didn’t know what to expect as a freshman, but the faculty, staff and my coaches were so approachable and allayed my fears within the first few weeks.

Carina DiMarco

Carina DiMarco ’24

Intervention Specialist and Elementary Education major from Hartville, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because I wanted to go to a smaller school with a strong sense of community, and it really stuck out to me how friendly everyone was. It also stuck out to me how quickly people here responded when I had questions as compared to other larger schools.

Jenia Freewalt

Jenía Freewalt ’24

Art Education major from Delphos, Ohio

I chose Bluffton University because of its welcoming staff and students, beautiful campus, small size, and it is close to home.

Jordan Jennings

Jordan Jennings ’24

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology major from Portsmouth, Ohio

Coming from a small high school I knew I wanted to go to a small college. Every time I was able to be on campus I felt welcome, and it wasn’t like that on any other college visits I went on.

Hunter Joliff

Hunter Joliff ’25

Business Administration and Accounting double major from Elida, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because of the closeness of the campus community, and the passion the professors show towards their students. Bluffton is a place to meet great people and reach your full potential. There are many resources here to help you grow as a student and as a person.

Danielle King

Danielle King ’24

Pre-physical Therapy from Tedrow, Ohio

During my college search, I knew I wanted to go somewhere relatively small because my high school wasn’t very large, which I loved because I got to know everyone and really enjoyed the community aspect of it. I also knew I wanted to go to a Mennonite college to both further and challenge my faith. After visiting Bluffton once, I knew it was the place for me because it is a Mennonite college, and I felt the sense of community on campus that I was looking for!

Adelynn Kradlak

Adelyn Kradlak ’25

Primary P-5 Education and Intervention Specialist major from Monroeville, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because my mom went here, and I liked the close community and how small the class sizes are. I also really like the community on campus because the professors learn your name and they want to get to know you on a personal level.

Jeremy Locklear

Jeremy Locklear ’22

Food and Nutrition Business major from Lincoln Park, Mich.

Bluffton was a place that made me feel like I would be successful there. I like being part of the reason someone chooses to come to Bluffton. I have a lot of great experiences to share.

Clara Matthews

Clara Matthews ’25

Nutrition and Dietetics major from Bluffton, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because of the nutrition and dietetics program. Coming to Bluffton gives me the opportunity to become a registered dietician, as well as completing a master’s degree in five years instead of six. Bluffton seemed to have the potential to provide me with more experiences and opportunities — like our freshman trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn. — than I could not find at a bigger university

Anne Mendenhall

Anne Mendenhall ’25

Middle Childhood Education major from Van Wert, Ohio

I choose Bluffton because of the size of the campus, the student to faculty ratio, which allows me to develop personal relationships with my professors, and the ability to continue to play basketball. I changed my major after one semester, and I’m grateful for the ability and ease of doing that at Bluffton!

Emma Mueller

Emma Mueller ’25

Primary P-5 Education major from Delphos, Ohio

I chose Bluffton University because of the small community environment that it promotes. I cannot stress how incredible the atmosphere at Bluffton is and how everyone’s purpose is to help others reach their goals.

Gabe Reichenbach

Gabe Reichenbach ’23

Business Administration major from Wayland, Iowa

My family has a long history at Bluffton including both of my parents attending school here. Ever since I was little, I thought Bluffton might be the place for me after high school. I came on a visit during my junior year of high school, and there was just something about the university that felt right to me. I wanted to find a new home away from home, and I can say that I have found it.

Caitlyn Renner

Caitlyn Renner ’23

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology major from Cairo, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because it felt like a home to me and I loved how welcoming everyone was. I also really liked how small the class sizes were and how I knew I would really be able to have that one-on-one connection with my professors.

Sarah Rivera Rios

Sarah Rivera Rios ’23

Business Administration and Marketing major from Comayagua, Honduras

I come from a Christian family, where service and respect were some of our core values, just like Bluffton University. My mom knew that if she was going to send me miles and miles away from home, she had to send me somewhere she could trust. Also, the business program at Bluffton University is a great one. It has been recognized as a college of distinction for 2020-21, and Bluffton’s placement rate in jobs, graduate school or voluntary service within six months of graduation is 98 percent.

Payton Stephens

Payton Stephens ’23

Writing major from Lebanon, Ohio

I chose Bluffton because of the sense of community and comfort I experienced from the moment I stepped on campus. People knew my name and were genuinely interested in what I wanted to study, which you don’t get with every university.

Alejandra Valenzuela

Alejandra Valenzuela ’23

Psychology and Social Work major from Honduras

I like the support the university gave me when I was applying. Choosing a college can be very stressful and Bluffton made it less stressful because I could tell they care.

Macey Thomas

Macey Thomas ’25

History AYA major from Bowling Green, Ohio

I enjoy the community on campus. Being able to say “hi” to anyone and learning about people from multiple places with different backgrounds has influenced me greatly as a person. I appreciate the opportunities I have already received and look forward to many new learning experiences during my time here.

Deadline to apply to be a President’s Ambassador for 2022-23 has passed. Watch for your next chance to apply in January 2023.