Bluffton University welcomes transfer students from any properly accredited college or university who have met Bluffton’s admission requirements. Full credit is normally given for all college-level courses (not remedial or developmental) which are completed at a regionally accredited college or university in which the applicant has earned a grade of C- or above. Transfer credit can be applied to the Bluffton University liberal arts and sciences requirements, major requirements (as permitted and approved by the department) or general electives.

To more clearly define the process of transferring credits, Bluffton has entered into articulation agreements with many two-year and community colleges. In addition, Bluffton joined a consortium organized by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC) to streamline the transfer process from ten community colleges to complete bachelor degrees in English, psychology or biology.

Students completing an associate of arts or associate of science degree from the following institutions will normally only need two years at Bluffton to complete the bachelor of arts degree. The articulation agreements identify courses which meet Bluffton’s general education and major requirements leading to the majors listed below.

clark state community college


Edison State Community College


Faith builders institute

General education   Transfer pathway

Hesston College

Hesston graduates with an associate of arts or an associate of science degree are assured junior standing and have met all lower level general education requirements. Additional benefits in the areas of student life and campus work-study may also be available to Hesston graduates.

Accounting Articulation agreement  Transfer pathway
Business administration Articulation agreement   

Primary P-5

Articulation agreement  Transfer pathway
General education Articulation agreement  

Northwest State Community College

Owens Community College

Rhodes State College

Rosedale Bible College

Terra State Community College

Accounting Articulation agreement Transfer pathway
Business administration Articulation agreement Transfer pathway
Marketing Articulation agreement Transfer pathway
Music major, starting with music technology associate's degree Articulation agreement  

For more details on these articulations or transferring in credits from any other college or university, contact Bluffton University admissions department at 800-488-3257 or e-mail at