Three-year program details


  • As a student in the three-year bachelor's degree program, you will be prepared for life and the academic rigor of top-level graduate programs.
  • You will have access to many specialized programs for honors students and student leaders, including departmental honors, the Honors Program and the Leadership Development Program.
  • You will receive priority advising, housing assignments and course registration.
  • By completing your degree in three calendar years (six semester and two summers), you will save approximately $25,000.



  • Once accepted into the program, you will take approximately 18 hours per semester for three years and additional courses in the summer.
  • You will participate in a cross cultural experience during May term of your second year.
  • Students must live on campus for the duration of the program (not including summers).
  • Students must declare their major before the beginning of the first semester. If you decide to change your major or to stop following the plan, you can easily transition into the traditional, four-year program.


  • Students enrolled in the three-year bachelor’s degree program will reduce the overall cost of their undergraduate education by approximately 20 percent.
  • Participants will receive, at the minimum, an  Academic Honors Scholarship of $11,000. Other scholarships and grants, up to full-tuition, are available.


Typical three-year plan:

Semester 1 – 18 hours

Semester 2 – 18 hours

Summer session – 6 hours

Semester 3 – 18 hours

Semester 4 – 20 hours

May term – cross cultural experience

Summer session – 6 hours

Semester 5 – 18 hours

Semester 6 – 18 hours

122 hours

+ 2 hours of Arts and Lecture credit

Total = 124 hours