Job search checklist

  • Steps to take: 
    • Define career goals by determining the types, sizes and geographic locations of companies/agencies/schools within your interest area
    • Identify references and ask them to prepare letters of recommendation 
    • Develop a resume and basic cover letter 
    • Network by contacting friends, faculty members, etc. to inform them of your plans. If possible, give them a copy of your resume
    • Finalize your resume 
    • Contact potential employers to request application materials 
    • Send completed applications to potential employers with resume and cover letter 
    • Research companies/agencies/schools with which you will be interviewing 
    • Interview and follow up with thank you letters 
    • Continue to follow up by phone 
    • Maintain communication with your network of contacts 
    • Revise your cover letters and resume as necessary 
    • Begin considering offers 
    • Accept best job offer. Inform those associated with your search of your acceptance

At the Center for Career and Vocation: 

  • Attend any applicable orientations/workshops offered by the Center for Career and Vocation (CCV)
  • Register with the CCV, and inquire about career services 
  • See a counselor at the CCV to discuss your job-search plans 
  • Get tips on resume reproduction 
  • Use the directories available at the CCV to develop a list of companies/agencies/schools in which you have interest 
  • Monitor the job vacancy listing available at the CCV

Adapted from material originally prepared at Miami University of Ohio