Mathematics and science

Games to Make you Smarter
Games like Sudoku, Ken-Ken and SET have rules that are simple enough for a child to learn them, but sufficient complex to challenge even those who have played them for years. We'll learn to play these games and explore the math behind them.
Darryl Nester

Global climate change: What we Know
Global climate change is a needlessly controversial topic. This powerpoint lecture covers the basics of the science of climate change by looking at and correcting common misconceptions. Some possible solutions are offered.
Daniel Berger

Making Mazes
An exploration of the various procedures used to create mazes – and the "fingerprints" they leave behind. Along the way, we'll learn a "mind-reading" trick to a-maze your friends.
Darryl Nester

Population Growth, Rabbits vs. Foxes, Epidemics, and the Zombie Apocalypse: Modeling with Compartmental Analysis
In the compartmental analysis approach to modeling, we imagine that we have one or more compartments—a tank full of water, a pond full of fish, a barrel of monkeys, a bag of cats, a box of squirrels. For each compartment, we specify a starting size, and the "flow rates" by which things can enter and leave that compartment. Then we explore what happens as time goes by: If clean water is flowing into a previously-polluted pond, how long will it take until the pollution has dropped to insignificant levels? How does the flu spread through an unvaccinated population?
Darryl Nester

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