Business and economics

Economic History of Poverty and Wealth
This is the most important story in economic history which is neglected in the standard history curriculum. Why did the world stay so poor for most of history and why have some countries break away from poverty only in the last two centuries?
Jonathan Andreas

Energy economics
Why are gasoline prices so volatile? What will happen to energy prices in the future? What is the impact of energy markets upon the economy?
Jonathan Andreas

Unmasking the Ethics of American Capitalism
How academics accidentally developed a neoliberal moral philosophy that has subtlety reshaped government and business practices over the past half century. 
Jonathan Andreas

Chocolate Pioneers: Business practices from the early years of the Cadbury and Hershey chocolate companies
The British chocolate firm Cadbury was founded by Quakers. Hershey was founded by Milton Hershey who had strong Mennonite connections. This lecture explores the business and ethical practices of both firms in their founding years near the end of the 19th century and how these may have been influenced by their religious beliefs.
George Lehman

Costa Rica as a "poster child" for environmental sustainability
This lecture, and the accompanying photos, describes Lehman's personal observations on a recent study trip to Costa Rica.
George Lehman

Creating Honor
Honor is a crucial magnetism that both binds people together and ironically sets groups apart. Although some people deserve more honor than others, everyone lives by some sort of honor code whether they realize it or not. Everyone should think more consciously about what is honorable and how habits and institutions help people be more honorable. 
Jonathan Andreas

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