Business and economics

Meritocracy and The Giant Turnip
Why do some people earn much more money than others and how much do different people deserve?  An ancient tale about a giant turnip illustrates some of the essential economics.
Jonathan Andreas

Management and the Meaning of Life 
Living a meaningful life is an crucial motivator in life and in the workplace.  It is important for everyone to think about how meaningfulness affects our happiness and managers can use the lessons of social science to make work more meaningful.
Jonathan Andreas

The Ethics of Success
Ethics are crucial for the success of every organization because any organization with bad ethics will inevitably fail.  Every successful organization has an ethical code.   Even horrible organizations like pirates or terrorists need ethics even though it may not be obvious to outsiders.  Managers ignore ethics at their peril because they will end up with an accidental ethics which is likely to be worse than what they would ideally want to aspire to.  We'll explore what kind of ethics are profitable and which are not. 
Jonathan Andreas

Economic History of Poverty and Wealth
This is the most important story in economic history which is neglected in the standard history curriculum. Why did the world stay so poor for most of history and why did some countries finally start breaking away from poverty just in the last two centuries?    
Jonathan Andreas

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