Tech center
Technology Center Located in Centennial Hall, the Tech Center provides computer-related technologies, technical expertise and service in support of the educational process. Student workers receive training throughout the year and are available to provide one-on-one assistance during normal center hours.

Classrooms  Centennial Hall features high-tech multimedia classrooms with built in projectors, networking and Audio-Visual consoles.  Mobile multimedia solutions exist for all classrooms on campus.

Networking  All students receive an email account, a dedicated Internet connection in their room and a 1 GB network drive accessible from any campus computer. High speed Internet access is provided. The college LAN (local area network) allows computer-to-computer file sharing. If you need help connecting to the network, contact the helpdesk.

Computers  Bluffton University currently maintains 175 computers for student use. Bluffton strongly encourages, but does not require computer ownership. Computing and access to digital information is an important part of all academic programs and over two-thirds of Bluffton students own personal computers. Students who want to compute in their room and value 24-hour access will choose ownership. Students who want access at a variety of locations will choose a portable computer. If you will be a computer owner, then it is important to have the right tools for a networked college campus. We encourage you to review these PC recommendations before deciding on a PC to bring to campus.

Students and personal technology

Software Because we recognize the importance of common software tools for a successful academic program, Bluffton has extended our licensing of MS Office to all currently enrolled students for use on their personal computers. Registered students can download MS Office software free of charge (both PC and Mac versions are available) at Bluffton University technology department is pleased to extend these resources to students. Please contact the Help Desk ( or ext. 3600) if you have questions or need support.

Hester Graphic Arts Studio (Sauder Visual Arts Studio)  is a modern Mac lab and lecture room that is equipped with a digital projector, video and web resources and a large rear-projection screen.

Academic Departments  Most departments feature small computer labs designed to meet that department's specific hardware and software needs.

Residence Halls  All residence halls feature wireless Internet access and small computer labs that are open 24 hours. All residence hall rooms have at least one dataport as well.


Bluffton University expects all members of the college community and guests to use technology resources responsibly and with respect for other persons, as described fully in the Bluffton University Student Handbook. Our guiding principle is the expectation of responsible use:

Bluffton University computers and the campus network are the property of Bluffton University and are maintained as an educational resource for use by members of the campus community and guests with authorized network passwords. Authorized users agree to use the campus network in accordance with the Bluffton standards for campus conduct and to abide by all relevant academic standards and laws with respect to copyright and the responsible use of network and internet resources. Excerpt from the Student Handbook

View the Copyright Policy from the Student Handbook.