Ministry requirements

Each year, students are chosen to serve as pastoral assistants and ministry assistants with campus pastor Chalsi Campbell. See the requirements to be a ministry assistant or pastoral assistant

Pastoral assistant  

The pastoral assistant position is either a 4-hr or 6-hr/week student supervisory level position which is overseen by the campus pastor. The campus pastor and pastoral assistants make up the Pastoral Team. In this position, you will assist the campus pastor in giving leadership to the religious life department’s ministries.

Responsibilities officially begin two weeks before the beginning of classes in the fall semester, and continues throughout the rest of the school year.
>>>> Pastoral assistant application 


  • Must be at least a junior.
  • A growing faith as a disciple of Jesus.
  • A willingness to give and receive counsel and encouragement.
  • Previous hall chaplain experience is preferred (but not required).


  • Developing the mission and goals of the campus ministries department.
  • Supervising and supporting the ministry assistants, through things such as: planning ministry assistant orientation and other gatherings, giving leadership at weekly meetings, leading small groups and one-on-one meetings.
  • Planning and carrying out different ministry events on campus.
  • Reading and reflecting on issues related to Christian ministry and leadership, both on campus as well as the possibility of participating in off-campus gatherings or workshops.
  • Meeting regularly with the pastoral team for planning and mutual support.

Ministry assistants 

Ministry assistant positions are the equivalent of a 3-hour/week campus job. 
>>>> Ministry assistant application 


  • Be at least a sophomore in college.
  • Active involvement in campus ministries at Bluffton
  • Show evidence of a committed Christian lifestyle
  • Have a willingness to be discipled and a desire to disciple others in the Christian life.
  • A full-time student maintaining at least a 2.5 grade point average.


  • Maintain a consistent and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the regular practice of spiritual disciplines.
  • Serve as a healthy example of the Christian life to your residents and to the Bluffton University community.
  • Build relationships with students on your floor/hall and serve as a source of support and encouragement in their relationship with God and relationships with others.  
  • Provide peer spiritual counseling to students, referring to student life staff as appropriate.   
  • Work particularly closely with first year students to support them in their adjustment to college and connect them with spiritual growth opportunities.
  • Promote various campus ministry events and activities to residents in your hall.
  • Give leadership (either individually or with other ministry assistants) to activities that promote spiritual growth on your floor, hall or campus, based on your gifts and passions and the needs of your fellow students.   
  • Attend weekly Chapel services, and also participate in other campus ministry activities as you are able.  
  • Be actively involved in residence hall activities, and serve as a resource and encouragement to your resident advisor and other residence hall staff.
  • Participate fully as a member of the student leadership development program (LDP).


  • The ministry assistant will be supervised by and report directly to the campus pastor. The pastoral assistants also provide peer supervision and support.
  • Ministry assistants meet twice monthly as a team, alternating between a worship/fellowship focus and an equipping for ministry focus.  Small groups might also be incorporated in these meetings.
  • The ministry assistant will meet individually for a 1/1 with the campus pastor at least twice per semester.  
  • The ministry assistant will meet with a spiritual mentor of their choosing bi-weekly for spiritual encouragement and accountability.  The mentor can be: a fellow student, a pastoral assistant, a faculty/staff member, or a local church or community member.


  • The position will involve the equivalent of a three hour-a-week campus job. Additional employment is permitted but should not exceed an additional 8 hours on campus (related to our campus Learn and Earn policy).
  • Ministry assistants will go through an application process established by the campus pastor.
  • Floor and building assignments are made by the campus pastor. Room assignments are made by the director of residence life in consultation with the campus pastor.
  • Violations of student expectations as expressed in the student handbook can result in loss of position.