Neufeld hall

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Neufeld Hall opened in 2003. It is a divided hall housing 108 men and women split up by wing, with men in the east wing and women in the west wing, on all floors. It is offered to seniors and juniors first. Features includes spacious lobbies and kitchens on each floor, suite style hallways, a game room, conference room and computer lab. Each room is equipped with multi-configuration furniture, high ceilings and large windows. 

The innovative furniture is designed to provide greater flexibility in how students arrange their rooms. Every student will receive a bed, chest of drawers, a desk and desk organizer, a bookcase and a chair. Each piece interlocks with other pieces to allow for 50 different configurations. No tools, hardware or college personnel are needed when stacking and rearranging. Heavy steel pins assure safety and stability without the sway of traditional lofted furniture.

Each room is wired for voice mail, Internet and cable TV. The hall is air-conditioned and fully handicap accessible. 

               Neufeld Hall Staff 2018-19

Hall Director:
Jeff Arnett
1st floor apartment
RA: Takayla Gadberry 2nd floor, room 223
RA: Leslie Beasley 3rd floor, room 322
RA: Michael Pickel 4th floor, room 412

Neufeld Hall ministry assistants 2018-19

Joshua Ehlers 2nd floor, room 214
Courtney Davis 3rd floor, room 320
Von Thomas 4th floor, room 412

Neufeld measurements

Wall dimensions - 14x12 
Windows - size varies by room  
Bed frame - 36.5"x80"
Mattress - 36"x80"
Floor style - carpet

Included Content