Making Copies!

And printing in the bookstore

You're a student organization. You have a message.

They're students. They need to hear your message.

This sounds like a job for...the Marbeck Center copier!

But wait...what if the message you need to send out requires a significant amount of paper, or perhaps is in the form of a newsletter or booklet. Is this still a job for the copier...or is there another cost-effective solution?

Here is information to help your organization effectively send messages to students whether they are in the form of minutes, newsletters, mailbox stuffers or other types of publications. Oh - and we'll help you save some money, too!

The Marbeck copier

The copier in Marbeck Center is one of the most-used items by student organizations because of its location and ease of use.

Each group is assigned an account name and password which are entered into the copier and let you make the copies that you need. The cost is automatically charged to your group's account in the business office.

If you have larger quantities of copies to make, you might be able to save some money by using the campus bookstore's print shop.

Bookstore Print Shop

Not all students know that Bluffton University has its own print shop located right in the back of the bookstore. Janine Paul, bookstore manager, works directly with offices, departments and groups with copy and duplication needs as well as many other types of special print jobs.

Types of paper

The bookstore keeps in stock many different colors and sizes of paper, and can always make a special order if you have something particular in mind. A few examples of colors include:

White, ivory, peach, goldenrod, canary, pink, salmon, orchid, blue, green, bright yellow, bright orange, bright pink, lime green, and various specialty resume-type paper.

In addition, papers are available in different weights from regular thickness to a heavier cardstock.

If your organization is creating a poster and you really want it to stick out, try printing on a different size of paper. Sizes available include:

8-1/2" x 11" (letter)
8-1/2" x 14" (legal)
11" x 17" (poster)

The bookstore has a folding machine that can automatically fold papers in half, thirds, or several other ways to save you the trouble of doing it yourself!

If your print project only needs a quarter of a sheet, you can have the bookstore cut the sheets for you with the professional-grade cutting machine. Stop trying to borrow a regular paper cutter and fuss with jagged edges and giant stacks of paper. Ask the bookstore staff to cut your projects quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Quick tips

  • The cost for printing varies depending on what size and weight paper is used. Other factors can include folding, cutting, and collating.
  • Please try to allow at least 3 days for jobs to be printed. It is sometimes possible for small print jobs to be done on the same day; check with Janine Paul or a bookstore clerk for more information.

Printing ideas

  • The bookstore can print programs, newsletters, mailbox stuffers, bookmarks, postcards, custom notepads, posters, thank-you notes, greeting cards, spiral-bound books and more. All you need to do is provide the idea and the design!
  • When printing a mailbox stuffer, try it out on a bright colored heavy paper (like card stock). Those tend to stick out better from the regular mail in students' mailboxes.
  • Remember, all mail stuffers need to be at least 3 inches on either side. The easiest and best way to do this is to create a quarter-sheet stuffer.