Kelsey May '20


Bluffton sophomore earns unique nursing position

Kelsey May is jumpstarting her career in the field of nursing with a unique opportunity. Working with doctors and nurses to assist with childbirth, May, a sophomore from Van Buren, Ohio, serves as an obstetrician (OB) scrub tech at Blanchard Valley Hospital while also working at Mennonite Memorial Home in Bluffton. She is gaining exceptional knowledge out of the classroom and getting firsthand experience in her major.

“I’ve had my eyes opened to different situations that can happen in anybody's life,” said May. “Anything from birth to death or different diseases that can be difficult for any family to deal with; I have become more aware and understanding of people.”

May earned her State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) license before college and applied to Mennonite Memorial Home shortly after beginning school. It offers her experience with nursing home health care while remaining close to Bluffton University for her other academic pursuits.

“At the nursing home, I have witnessed working with all different types of elders and learned to become more patient while working with dementia, Alzheimer's and elderly care,” she said.

May’s work as an OB scrub tech at Blanchard Valley Hospital involves many educationally enriching experiences in a real-time setting. “I scrub in anytime I am working,” said May. “I stand across from the doctor and I hand him or her instruments needed to deliver a baby safely.”

She also helps other nurses on the floor, aids in feeding newborns, cuddles drug addicted infants, assists in the special care nursery, and helps with other cleaning and stocking needs on the floor. 

Both opportunities allow May to further her education in dynamic ways.

“Kelsey was extremely fortunate to obtain a position in an obstetrics unit so early in her career path,” said Dr. Sherri Winegardner, director and associate professor of nursing. “Obstetrics units are highly specialized, staff openings are generally infrequent and positions are typically reserved for licensed personnel.”

May was drawn to Bluffton because of the atmosphere of campus and the excitement surrounding the return of nursing. Now, she encourages other Bluffton students to seek out similar educational experiences to gain greater insight into what their future vocations can hold.

“Future nursing students should be looking to get their feet wet and to get good experience because the experiences can be life changing,” said May.


Cara Echols ’19, PR student news writer

Kelsey May

I’ve had my eyes opened to different situations that can happen in anybody's life."