Danielle King


Danielle King

Danielle King


Major: Pre-physical therapy 
Hometown: Tedrow, Ohio  
Graduation year: 2024 


During my college search, I knew I wanted to go somewhere relatively small. My high school wasn’t very large which I loved because I got to know everyone and really enjoyed the community aspect of it. I also knew I wanted to go to a Mennonite college to both further and challenge my faith. After visiting Bluffton once, I knew it was the place for me. It is a Mennonite college, and I felt the sense of community on campus that I was looking for!

Why did you choose your major? 

I decided to go into pre-physical therapy because of a surgery experience I had during my sophomore year of high school. I went to physical therapy as part of my recovery and loved every minute of it! My therapist was amazing, and I could tell that she was passionate about helping people return to their normal way of life. I am really excited to take more classes for my major!

Tell us about Bluffton’s faculty and staff. Are they helping you reach your goals?

I am so thankful for the faculty and staff here at Bluffton because they are beyond willing to dedicate their time to helping their students thrive in college! All of my professors are easy to relate to, work hard to ensure my success and are so helpful when I come to them with questions. In order to stay on track with my 4-year plan this past semester, some of my professors were even willing to adjust the start time of class so that I wouldn’t have class conflicts!

What student organizations are you part of? 

I am the captain of an intramural volleyball team, part of a self-defense club, regularly attend Chapel on campus and attended a Bible study group called ALPHA last semester. I love being involved in so many things because it provides me with the opportunity to get to know a wide range of people and build up the sense of community on campus.

Are you a student-athlete? If so, which sport(s) do you play, and what is the best part of being on a team at Bluffton?

I am not a student-athlete, but I am the captain of an intramural volleyball team which is a great experience! My favorite parts of being on a team are building relationships with my teammates, having fun during some not-always-serious competition and taking a break from my studies to hang out with friends!

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