Peace and conflict studies

In contribution to the mission of Bluffton University, a peace and conflict studies minor offers students the opportunity to pursue peacemaking and conflict management in coordination with an academic major. The peace and conflict studies minor seeks to:

  • provide a theoretical, analytical and strategic background for peace and conflict studies;
  • develop the concept of peace as a way of looking at and acting in the world and as a practical, realistic approach to contemporary issues and problems;
  • develop awareness of the relevance of PCS to other academic disciplines; and
  • prepare students to apply and model their knowledge of PCS in a variety of life situations.

The peace studies coordinator will serve as a second advisor for students for the PCS minor and will oversee the students' completion of the minor as outlined above and in coordination with the major advisor. 

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(18 hours)

Core: (12 hours)
PLS 272 Global Politics and International Relations (3)
REL 276 War, Peace and Nonviolence (3)
SOC 330 Social Justice and Social Change (3)
CRJ 340 Conflict Transformation/Mediation (3)

Choose one from the following: (3 hours)
NSC 107 Global Climate Change (3) (with a major project related to peace and conflict studies)
COM 195 Interpersonal Communication (3)
REL 115 World Religions (3)
SOC 225 Race and Ethnic Relations (3)
SPA 244 Spanish Conversation: Conflict and Social Change in the Spanish Speaking World (3)
PSY 258 Social Psychology (3)
PHL 310 Global Health (3)
CRJ 345 Restorative Justice Theory and Practice (3)
ECN 382 Economic Development and the Environment (3)
THE 136 Theatre for Social Change (3)

Required capstone course: (3 hours)
PCS 380 Project (3) 

In conjunction with the Washington Community Scholars' Center program, students may obtain the PCS minor by completing PLS 272 Global Politics and International Relations, REL 276 War, Peace and Nonviolence and SOC 330 Social Justice and Social Change (if offered, or an approved substitution if not). 

 July 2021

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