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The Bluffton University Nursing Program, offered in consortia with Northwest State Community College, is a professional program designed to prepare students to serve as professional nurses providing patient-centered nursing care through the creation of nurse client/patient relationships with an individual, family or community.  The beliefs and knowledge of the professional nurse regarding the concepts of environment, health, person and nursing serves to provide further definition to the development of the nurse client relationship. The relationship between the nurse and client is dynamic and the mutual exchange of information between the nurse and client serves to provide the professional nurse with information critical to the determination of the need for nursing care and for the initiation of the nursing process and administration of nursing interventions. The program curriculum builds a foundation for professional practice through the delivery of courses specific to nursing theory and competency, the sciences, and the liberal arts.

 The conceptual framework for the Bluffton University Nursing Program is based upon the integration of the four enduring values of Bluffton University: Discovery, Community, Respect, and Service with foundational elements derived from the AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice. The enduring values and foundational elements derived from the AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice are supported through a focus upon continuous inquiry and scholarly endeavor.  The enduring values and foundational elements provide the structure for curricular development and assessment, and the delineation of program outcomes. The enduring values and foundational elements show interrelatedness and are best understood through further explanation of each. In addition, the enduring values provide the framework of support for the nursing model and serve to inform the fundamental nursing beliefs of health, nursing, person, and environment.

Requirements (100 hours):

NRS 101 Introduction to Professional Nursing (1)
NRS 102 Introduction to Professional Nursing (1)
NRS 140 Professional Concepts 1 (1)
NRS 141 Health/Illness 1 (6)
NRS 142 Professional Concepts 2 (1)
NRS 143 Health/Illness 2 (7)
NRS 144 Pharmacology  (2)
NRS 240 Professional Concepts 3 (1)
NRS 241 Health/Illness 3 (8)
NRS 242 Professional Concepts 4 (1)
NRS 243 Health/Illness Concepts 4 (8)
NRS 301 Global Health and Intercultural Care (3)
NRS 401 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing (1)
NRS 402 Research in Nursing: Evidence Based Practices (3)
NRS 403 Population Based Care (4)
NRS 404 Managing Care Across the Health Continuum (4)
NRS 405 Health Care Delivery Systems (3)
NRS 406 Nursing Informatics (2)
or NRS 407 Caring for an Aging Population (2)
NRS 408 Current Trends and Issues in Nursing (3) counts  for LAS 301 Issues in Modern America
BIO 230 Anatomy & Physiology 1 (4)
BIO 231 Anatomy & Physiology 2 (4)
BIO 305 Microbiology for Nurses (4)
CEM 121 General Inorganic Chemistry 1 (5)
NTR 225 Fundamentals of Nutrition (3)
NTR 340 Pathophysiology (3)
PHI 152 Ethics (3)
PHL 320 Epidemiology (3) 
PSY 110  Introduction to Psychology (3) counts as a Social Science general education course
PSY 235 Developmental Psychology (3)
PSY 284 General Statistics (3) counts as critical thinking general education course 

Other requirements:
CPR certification
STNA certification
Physical and lab work completed
TB skin test completed
Immunizations completed

June 2019