Endowed Scholarships

Through the generosity of friends of Bluffton University, a number of endowed scholarships have been established. Unless designated otherwise by the donors, these are awarded on the basis of academic merit. Income from most of these scholarship funds is used to support in part the university's regular scholarship programs. Students need not apply for these scholarships; all students are considered in determining scholarship eligibility.

ABC Investment Club Scholarship
Paul A. and Faery H. Adams Music Scholarship
Albert A. and Mary E. Ioder Albrecht Scholarship
Helen Albrecht Gingerich and Joseph W. Albrecht Scholarship
Rachel I. and Grace G. Albrecht Scholarship
William A. and Gertrude Lehman Albrecht Scholarship
Ralph E. and Joan McCarty Althaus Scholarship
Elizabeth Amstutz Memorial Scholarship
Frederick D. and Mary Schmidt Amstutz Scholarship
J.E. and Lavina Amstutz Scholarship
Anderson Family Scholarship
Jean Jochen Anderson Scholarship
Jeanette E. Wright Anderson Bluffton Scholarship
Jack D. Arters Scholarship
Orville and Nellie Augsburger Scholarship
Edwin Augspurger Memorial Scholarship
Rudolph E. and Kathryn Lawrence Augspurger Scholarship
August and Anna Scholarship
Richard M. and Anna Frances Jones Backensto Scholarship
Charles, Wanda (Eversole) and Lynne Bartholomew Scholarship
Caroline and Elmer Basinger Scholarship
Ella C. Basinger Scholarship
Ellen Handrich Basinger Memorial Scholarship
James and Frieda Basinger Scholarship
LaVerne E. Basinger Memorial Scholarship
Marcella (Mom Burry) and Franklin Basinger Scholarship
LaVerne E. Basinger Memorial Scholarship
Albert and Katherine Kaufmann Bauman Scholarship
Harvey R. and Ella G. Bauman Scholarship
Irwin W. and Mary E. Bauman Scholarship
Laurel R. Bauman Scholarship
Elmer W. and Bertha Baumgartner Scholarship
David and Evaleen (Bachman) Bertsche Scholarship
Howard E. and Phyllis Hartzler Baumgartner Scholarship
Maria Bausch Scholarship
Alvin and Vera Beachy Scholarship
Belleview Mennonite Church Scholarship
George W. Bender Scholarship
Herbert W. and Olga Kennel Berky Scholarship
Orville J. and Mary Bertsche Scholarship
Bigler Family Scholarship
Janice and Dennis Bishop Endowed Scholarship
Edgar B. and Vivian Lehman Bishop Memorial Scholarship
Jim and Nancy (Hostetler) Bishop Scholarship
Paul D. Bixel Scholarship
Madeline M. Bixel Scholarship
D.W. and Dora Tschantz Bixler Scholarship
Mareen Bixler Scholarship
Carol Blosser Scholarship
Robert and Celia Amstutz Blough Scholarship
Bluffton University Alumni Association Scholarship
Bluffton University Music Department Scholarship
Eben T. Boal and Elizabeth Maud Boal Scholarship
Elizabeth Boehr memorial Scholarship
John and Marlene Boll Foundation Scholarship
Jo Ann Fett Brauen Scholarship
Julia E. Bridenbaugh Scholarship
Edward and Donita Hartzler Brookmyer Scholarship
Ruth Burtchin Bruschaber Music Scholarship
Buhler Scholarship
Robert Victor Buhr Trust
Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Burcky Scholarship Endowment
Andrew C. and Ruth Williamson Burcky Scholarship
Dr. Perry Bush Scholarship
Noah Ebersole Byers Scholarship
J. Earl and Norma Byler Scholarship
Lyman and Miriam Earley Cady Scholarship
Campbell Soup Company Scholarship
Carlin B. and Sharon K. Carpenter Scholarship
Eloise A. Gerig Caskey Memorial Music Scholarship
Central District Conference Scholarship
Larry H. and Linda Ritchie Christman Scholarship
Sandra Christman International Study Endowment
Della I. Krebill Clark Scholarship
Class of 1933 Scholarship
Class of 1935 Scholarship
Class of 1936 Scholarship
Class of 1940 Scholarship
Class of 1946 Scholarship
Class of 1947 Scholarship
Class of 1948 Scholarship
Class of 1949 Scholarship
Class of 1950 Scholarship
Class of 1954 Scholarship
Class of 1963 Scholarship
Class of 1966 Scholarship
Stanley R. and Joenita Shetler Clemens Scholarship
Shirley N. Tung and Michael W.N. Chiu Scholarship
Laura R. Conrad Scholarship
Vernon F. and Anita Roth Conrad Scholarship
C.C. Cromer Scholarship
Dr. Kenneth B. Cummins Scholarship
Juanita Huber Deardorff Scholarship
Delbert E. and Helen Joyce Thut Detwiler Scholarship
Harry M. and Gertrude L. Detwiler Memorial Scholarship
Henry S. Detwiler Memorial Scholarship
Paul L. and Margaret Gratz Detwiler Family Scholarship
Dale and Carolyn Dickey Memorial Scholarship
Hiram D. and Selma Warkentin Diller Family Scholarship
Oliver D. and Eunice C. Diller Scholarship
Phyllis Diller Music Scholarship
Esta Lugabill Dye Scholarship
Jack Earl Scholarship
John Edwards Family Scholarship
James H. and Phyllis L. Ehrman Scholarship
George and Lucille Schrock Eicher Scholarship
David Enz Physicians Scholarship
Owen and Ermaleen B. Etter Scholarship
William James Evans Art Scholarship
Raymond W. and Glendora C. Frank Family Scholarship
George M. Frazee III Scholarship
J. Clarence and Ella Fretz Scholarship
J. Herbert and Helen Habegger Fretz Scholarship
J. Winfield and Marguerite Fretz Peace Scholarship
Jacob R. and Mary R. Fretz Scholarship
Stanley R. and Gladys M. Fretz Scholarship
Dr. Maria Friesen Scholarship
Barbara J. and Pierre V. Gant Scholarship
John S. and Veronica Bechtel Geiger Scholarship
Ron and Arlene Balmer Geiser Scholarship
Merle and Mary Orr Gerber Scholarship
Maurice and Arlene Gerber Family Scholarship
Karl and Ada Gierman Academic Honors Scholarship
Dallas and Marjorie Schutz Glick Scholarship
Mrs. Dale Hughes Gorby Scholarship
Glen D. and June Straite Graber Scholarship
Peter P. and Magdalena Graber Family Scholarship
John E. and Margery Lecrone Gregg Scholarship
Robert and Iris Sauder Griggs Scholarship
Gerdon and Pauline Gundy Scholarship
Bernard and Eunice Stauffer Gyger Scholarship
Arman and Hilegunda Habegger Scholarship
Barbara Habegger Scholarship
Carl T. and Martha B. Habegger Scholarship
James E. Habegger Family Scholarship
Ray and Irene Hamman Family Scholarship
Raymond A. and Ruth C. Ritter (McGinnis) Hamman Scholarship
Laura Jane Diller Handford Scholarship
Emma and John Handrich Scholarship
Raymond and Nora Hartzler Scholarship
Hauenstein Memorial Music Scholarship
Carole Dirks Hilty Scholarship
Christian Dana and Hattie Geiger Hilty Scholarship
Herman and Celia Hilty Scholarship
John and Magdalene Suter Hilty Scholarship
Lucille Hilty Scholarship
Mark B. and Marjorie Basinger Hilty Scholarship
Martha Hilty Scholarship
Ethel and Harley Himes Scholarship
Alfred E. Hirschler Memorial Scholarship
E.J. Hirschler Memorial Scholarship
Noah C. Hirschy Scholarship
Otto Holtkamp Music Scholarship
Dr. Anna Horstman, M.D. Endowed Scholarship 
Chauncey A. and Ellen K. Hostetler Scholarship
Ruth Danford Houk Scholarship
Mark and Margaret Houshower Scholarship
Wilbur A. and Elfriede F. Howe Scholarship
Clair Marion Huber Scholarship
Carrie M. Hughes Scholarship
Hung Family Scholarship
Maurine Amstutz Johnson Scholarship
Harry and Leora Jacobs Jump Scholarship
Bernis L. Kauffman Scholarship
Emmett and Helen Kauffman Scholarship
Maurice and Mary Bauman Kaufmann Family Scholarship
William and Willadene Hartzler Keeney Scholarship
Bonita L. Kehler Memorial Scholarship
David M. & Carol Ann Kent Speicher Education Scholarship
John J. and Louise M. Kennel Memorial Scholarship
Earl Volz Kies Music Scholarship
Herbert R. and Kathleen Amstutz Kindle Scholarship
Alva Jay and Lulu Marie Keenen King Scholarship
King Family Memorial Scholarship
John P. Klassen Scholarship
Clarence W. Kraft Family Scholarship
Austin E. Knowlton Memorial Scholarship
John W. Kraft Scholarship
Leonard C. and Rachel Weaver Kreider Scholarship
Krehbiel-Raid-Pankratz Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Krehbiel Memorial Scholarship
H.J. Krehbiel Scholarship
Howard E. and Evelyn Nunemaker Krehbiel Scholarship
Robert D. Krehbiel Scholarship
Leonard C. and Rachel Weaver Kreider Scholarship
Carl J. and Martha Graber Landes Scholarship
Ernest K. and Kathryn S. Landis Scholarship
Russell A. Lantz Scholarship
Samuel L. and Rosa Dagit Lantz Memorial Scholarship
Andy Lehman Memorial Scholarship
Arlo and Mabel Sprunger Lehman Scholarship
Carl M. and Sarah Miller Lehman Scholarship
Charles E. and Louise E. Lehman Scholarship
Earl and Edith Lehman Family Scholarship
Leland C. and Dorothy Burner Lehman Scholarship
Leslie B. and Naomi E. Lehman Scholarship
Gustav Adolph and Huldah Moser Lehmann Scholarship
Charles Wm. Lewis, Sr. and Arlene Harper Lewis Scholarship
Ralph S. and Eleanor Worthington Locher Scholarship
Ronald and Alice Lora Scholarship
Der Sam Long Lu Scholarship
Hsien Lu Scholarship
Kan-Yaw Lu Family Scholarship
Kathryn and Paul Luginbill Community Scholarship
Luginbuhl Family Scholarship
Kathryn Luginbuhl Scholarship
Peter C. and Maude M. Luginbuhl Scholarship
Jay and Ruth Hartzler Martin Scholarship
Franklin R. Mason Scholarship No. 1
Franklin R. Mason Scholarship No. 2
Lawrence and Louise Matthews Scholarship
McCarty-Mellott Scholarship
Mennonite Church of Normal Scholarship
MetoKote Corporation Business Scholarship
MetoKote Corporation Chemistry Scholarship
N. Emerson and Ruth Yoder Miller Scholarship
Ray C. and Carol White Minzer Scholarship
William H. Mohr Scholarship
A. John and Mary Ann Moser Scholarship
Ezra R. and Lena B. Moser Memorial Scholarship
Rollin and June Bachman Moser Family Scholarship
Andrew and Barbara Mosiman Scholarship
Emilie H. Mosiman Scholarship
S.K. Mosiman Scholarship
J. Edward Moyer Scholarship
Bruce E. Murphy Scholarship
Ralph and Lucile Krehbiel Naffziger Scholarship
Scott Arlen Nafziger Scholarship
Stanley F. and Ruth E. Naylor Scholarship
Carol Beth Neal Academic Distinction Scholarship
Dr. Allen C. Neiswander Scholarship
Claude Huston Neiswander Scholarship
Donald K. and Marjorie A. Nester Scholarship
A.J. and Bessie Neuenschwander Scholarship
Gordon E. and Alice Locher Neuenschwander Scholarship
Neufeld Family Scholarship Fund
Elmer and LaVera Neufeld Appreciation Scholarship
Dean and Joanne Vercler Niswander Scholarship
William and Jennie Nusbaum Scholarship
Clarence C. and Alma Egle Oyer Scholarship
Herbert J. and Ella Jane Oyer Scholarship
Charles L. and Lelia Roth Pannabecker Scholarship
Richard and Wanda Pannabecker Scholarship
George and Mary Tanner Parry Memorial Scholarship
Pi Delta Society Scholarship
Alden J. and Helen Litwiller Plank Scholarship
George B. Quatman Scholarship
George and Clymenia (Hamman) Radulovich Scholarship
Leontina Schlecht Raid Scholarship
Alvin and Ruth Neuenschwander Ramseyer Scholarship
Alvin C. and Mary Ramseyer Scholarship
Ethel V. Ramseyer Memorial Scholarship
John and Zoa Ramseyer Memorial Scholarship
L. Merle Ramseyer Scholarship
Lloyd and Ferne Ramseyer Scholarship
Louis and Iva Ramseyer Scholarship
M.L. and Anna Ramseyer Memorial Scholarship
Ray Ramseyer Scholarship
William J. and Helene Stonehill Ramseyer Scholarship
Julia M. Reeder Scholarship
Richard and Sally Reeder Family Scholarship
Reichenbach Scholarship for Commuters
David and Anne Schumacher Reichenbach Scholarship
Adele Bertsche Reichert Memorial Scholarship
David G. and Laura Kennel Rempel Scholarship
Clara Birky McElroy and Lorena Birky Reusser Scholarship
Isaac Cuir and Pauline Fuller Riak Scholarship
James A. and Lois Shutt Rice Scholarship
Lester and Vivian Rich Scholarship
Ben and Ruth Rider Scholarship
Hazel Robinson Scholarship
Dr. Franklin D. and Lois Neiswander Rodabaugh Scholarship
Arthur S. and Ella Rosenberger Scholarship
David S. and Camilla G. Rosenberger Scholarship
Edgar Rosenberger Scholarship
N. Clarence and Clara L. Rosenberger Scholarship
C. Eugene and Shirley Rumer Scholarship
Sylvia Thut Rupert Scholarship
Hazel Burkholder Salzman Scholarship
Robert, Evelyn, Susan and Sara Schaublin Scholarship
Robert and Julie Schertz Scholarship
Ernest Schindler Scholarship
Jerry Francis Schiffer Memorial Scholarship
Hazel Geddes Schleicher Scholarship
J.S. and Sara Schultz Scholarship
Arthur and Verena Bucher Schumacher Scholarship
Harold and Vera Schumacher Scholarship
Nelson and Jean Schumacher Scholarship
Merle and Dorothy Schwartz Scholarship
Don Schweingruber Scholarship
Howard L. and Emma Myers Shelly Scholarship
Paul R. Shelly Memorial Scholarship
Luther and Geneva Shetler Scholarship
Simcox Family Scholarship
Harley C. and Edna Kennel Simcox Memorial Scholarship
Robert and Eric Simcox Memorial Scholarship
Donna Slechter Memorial Scholarship
Arden and Joan Slotter Scholarship
C. Henry Smith Scholarships
Dode, Mary and Kathryn Smith Scholarship
Laura I. Smith Scholarship
Steven J. Smith Scholarship
Boyd D. and Bertram Smucker Scholarship
Clayton Anna Ruth Smucker Scholarship
David L. Smucker Memorial Scholarship
Lee and Del Snyder Academic Honors Scholarship
Arthur and Esther Schertz and Noah N. and Alda Soldner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Tilman and Meta Soldner Scholarship
Sommer Bros. Scholarship
O.J. Sommer Scholarship
Theodore and Josephine Sommer Scholarship
Barbara A. Sprunger Scholarship
Clifton and Naomi Sprunger Scholarship
James H. Sprunger Scholarship
President Sprunger Scholarship
Lewis L. Stahl II Memorial Scholarship
Don and Sandy Steer Scholarship
Carey Steiner Scholarship
Evelyn Mitchell Steiner Scholarship
 Jerry and Ann Steiner Scholarship
Jesse William Steiner and Vesta Radebaugh Steiner Scholarship
Selina M. Steiner and Lillian E. Steiner Scholarship
Sidney and Ruth Amstutz Steiner Scholarship
May Norma Steinman Scholarship   
Barbara and Mel Stettler Family Scholarship
Harold M. and Norma K. Stockman Scholarship
Elizabeth M. and John N. Storck Memorial Scholarship
Juanita Streid Scholarship
Clara L. Stutzman Scholarship
Howard A. and Mary Groves Stutzman Scholarship
John C. and Erma Hunsberger Stutzman Scholarship
Morris and Dianne Stutzman Scholarship
Robert L. and Harvella Bauman Stutzman Scholarship
Evan W. Suter Scholarship
Linda Falk Suter Scholarship
Chibi Lu Teng Memorial Scholarship
Henry Peter Thielman Scholarship
Lydia Liechty Thielman Scholarship
Royal and Mary Alice Howe Thomas Scholarship
John and Vera Borchert Thut Scholarship
Toews Alumnae Scholarship
Henry J. Toews and Elizabeth R. Toews Bluffton Scholarship
Etta Lantz Triplett Scholarship
R.L. Triplett Memorial Scholarship
Yueh Tung Scholarship
John D. Unruh, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Gerhard Vogt Scholarship
Peter and Mary Vos Scholarship
J. Richard Weaver Family Scholarship
James R. Weaver Memorial Scholarship
Richard and Margaret Weaver Scholarship
Susan A. Weidner Scholarship
Warren S. Weiss Memorial Scholarship
William W. and Victoria Habegger Wells Scholarship
Delbert and Tannis Ludemann Welty Scholarship
Evan Welty Scholarship
Henry D. and Dolores Dye Welty Scholarship
Paul, Margarete and Viola Welty Scholarship
James F. and Isabelle Stewart West Scholarship
Dr. Kenneth E. White Scholarship in Memory of Rose M. White
Virginia Fisher White and Walter L. White Community Scholarship
Abram Wiebe Scholarship
Wava Stuber Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Lape Wilson and Sue Hilty Wilson Scholarship for Academic Success 
George Martin Winemiller Scholarship
Arthur L. Wolfe Memorial Scholarship
Edwin B. and Edna Wyse Family Scholarship
Austin C. Yaussy Family Scholarship
Dean J. Yaussy Memorial Scholarship
David Martin Yoder Scholarship
Elmer J. Yoder Scholarship
Harry and Jean Yoder Scholarship
Burton and Elnore Yost Scholarship
Gerald and Carolyn Schnell Yost Scholarship
Peter Yost & Deborah Proffitt Yost Scholarship
Ervin L. Zehr Scholarship
Walter A. Zimmerman Scholarship

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