Hannah Weisz


Hannah Weisz (any pronouns) is a writer, performer, drag queen, makeup artist and student at Golda Och Academy.

Transmute This


by: Hannah Weisz

you explained the synopsis of Doctor Who
to me over lunch
and I said I’d add it to my list, thinking I wouldn’t live
long enough to see it.
now I’m alive, and you’ve consumed my time.
I forgot your last name today
and your voice last week.
I had to look you up.

you, younger,
do a little poetry on the side and, it’s all
better than anything I’ve written.
if I had to be born, can’t I at least be
the last one? I’m trying to make a poem
out of my love for you
but I’m not smart enough to transmute
this warmth into art.
if you feel the same, write for me.


Bridge 2024