Jawn Van Jacobs


Jawn Van Jacobs is a New Jersey
based poet currently enrolled
in Rowan University’s Master of
Arts in writing program. Jawn’s
poetry explores the complexity
of the human experience by
showcasing the good and bad
all people are capable of.

The Beegeoisie


by:  Jawn Van Jacobs

“All of this shows us that the bees are only obeying the laws which govern
the economy of the hive, instead of a force outside of that economy, which
compels them to make good a loss that man has brought about.”

- Gilbert M. Doolittle (beekeeper)

There’s a queen bee at the guillotine
in stocks of kadupul punishment.
her jury of human being,
bipartisan – in bereavement of honey.

But bees are too few these days
to balance the scales of supply
and demand – so Insurrection
rears – at one’s Doolittle passion.

Hydrangeas and hierarchies shrivel
The Congress of the comb elate
not at loss of their queen – but in Man –
Reckless in their uprising.

When tomorrow comes, let them drink mead.
let them douse their honey on cake.
then when too late – let them notice too –
how their modes of production Annihilate.


bridge 2024