Alyssa Ahnell


Alyssa is an undergraduate creative writing student at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Wash. She is 20 years old and has been writing poetry since age 1. She is originally from a suburb in Northern California. She has had one poem published in the American High School Poetry Contest in Just Poetry Magazine by Live Poets Society of New Jersey.

Dearest Keeper


by: Alyssa Ahnell

I can twist and tie the corners of my eyes,
Making scarves and socks of the fantasy
That you might be watching.
I am a personal pageant for your pleasure.
I could color myself green if you so preferred the hue,
I could inhale the water if you wish me not to swim,
I could swing my brain waves like puppet strings,
Squealing in delight as the dummy succumbs to you.
I am your carnival creature.
I could enclose myself for your private view,
Inside, I will pirouette until I puke,
Still, I vow to orbit!
I am cozy in my cage, bundled in your benevolent dominion.
All my love,
Your treasured pet.


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