Naheda Nassa


Naheda Nassan is an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech studying health sciences and creative writing and is planning on attending medical school. She was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Va. She writes about her life to make sense of it and hopes her writing gives new perspectives to stereotypical themes.

Becoming You


by: Naheda Nassan

The top of my head
fit snug above your hip.
My arms stretched around
your waist, not long enough
for my hands to clasp,
so I gripped the silk
of your favorite blouse
unweaving stretched threads,
but you didn’t care.
You knew. I was scared,
so you let me.

The top of my head, now
rests an inch above your
bleached blonde hair
to eclipse the shine of grays.
Your hand, tight over mine
clung to whispered prayers.
Your knuckles turned white
my fingertips fell numb,
but I didn’t care.
I knew. You were scared,
so I let you.
It was then I knew.
You found comfort in me, too.


Bridge 2024