Ellen Piasentin

Ellen Piasentin

Ellen Piasentin is a writer from Vancouver, Canada. Ellen’s favorite genres to write and consume are fantasy, sci-fi and horror, but she also dabbles in poetry. Besides writing, Ellen enjoys playing board games, reading and listening to fiction podcasts. She also really likes cats.

A Windy Day on a Grassy Hill in the English Countryside

by Ellen Piasentin

chills your skin 
nearing blue

gray clouds billow, stark 
against deep green grass 
thick, dark, rich

ozone and petrichor and ice 
the scents circle,
wind whips your face

and you spin your arms in the storm 
hair flapping, clothes twisting
you close your eyes—
for the first time,


burning nose     sandpaper tongue     eyes squeezed shut
       hearing the howls     whistling at the wind     savouring the storm

impassioned, impressive, illustrious 
cold, comforting, crisp— 
shrieking—ringing in your ears

rolling hills stretching
out, reaching
to you, longing, pining, yearning 
to remain forever

you’ve made peace
with the world, no worries 
on this hill, you are present, 


it will not last—

an invasive thought,
       an impatient friend,
              a changing temperature
                        will break

you from the reverie 

but for the moment