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Bluffton Bread Company provides hands-on experience for students from several majors.

Bluffton Bread Company

Bluffton Bread Company

Freshly baked bread from the Bluffton Bread Company will be available beginning Feb. 1. Featured loaves for winter will be Banana Walnut, Triple Chocolate and Asiago Cheddar. 

Slice. Share. Celebrate.

Developed using vintage recipes (with a modern twist), we hope this bread awakens warm memories and helps you cultivate new traditions. Join us as you slice into a flavor made to brighten your day, share with family and friends, and celebrate all that is good in this world. 

Through the Bluffton Bread Company, Bluffton students are learning through experience. Bread will be baked by students and mailed fresh to your door. 

Order online Feb. 1-March 4

Bluffton Bread Company’s online shopping cart is currently closed for Christmas break. Different breads will be available for the winter, spring and holiday seasons.


Bluffton Bread Company Banana Walnut bread With six bananas baked into each loaf, our banana walnut bread provides a delicious combination of rich banana flavor with a warm nutty crunch. Not your everyday banana bread, this loaf includes a sugar cookie crumble for an extra layer of sweetness on top of this already delightful recipe. Our banana walnut bread is sure to be a staple in your pantry.

Bluffton Bread Company Triple Chocolate bread Perfect for the chocolate lover in your life (even if that is you), this bread features a chocolate base filled with chocolate chips. For a truly decadent touch, we added a cookie crumble topping drizzled with chocolate ganache.

Bluffton Bread Company Asiago Cheddar bread A savory choice, our asiago cheddar bread combines the richness of asiago and cheddar cheeses with a hint of buttermilk. Literally packed to the brim with cheese, this loaf is surrounded by a crust of parmesan and cheddar. Sprinkled with a dash of cayenne, we promise this bread is not too spicy, but instead will be a showstopper at any event.


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Thank you for supporting Bluffton Bread Company. Due to the nature of our business and products we sell, all sales are final. Please contact Bluffton Bread Company at with any concerns about your order.