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Not everyone chooses the best fit right off the bat when they start college. Luckily, you can transfer to a new college where you feel more comfortable or have more opportunities.

Transfer to Bluffton

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Every year Bluffton welcomes new transfer students from around the country for our fall and spring semesters.  Some students arrive having only completed a semester or two elsewhere, while others arrive with a completed associate's degree.

A student who has taken classes for credit at another college or university after graduation from high school (excluding classes during the summer immediately following their high school graduation) and/or has received federal student aid from another institution is considered a transfer student.


Transfer to Bluffton like student Michael Pickel

“Bluffton was my top choice, but I second-guessed myself and went to a different school. When I came back here, I was like yeah, it still feels right.”
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Steps to apply

Applying for admission to Bluffton as a transfer student is easy. A dedicated admissions transfer coordinator will work individually with you throughout the application process.

To be considered for admission, transfer students must have 12 transferable credit hours and a minimum of a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Some degree programs require a higher GPA. Students with less than 12 transferable credit hours may be considered under special circumstances.

Applicants must have met all financial obligations at the former institution. Students are required to be in good standing and eligible to return to their previous institution. 

To complete the admissions process we ask for the following:

  • Online application
  • Official academic transcripts from previous colleges/universities you have attended
  • High school transcript 

Full credit will normally be given for all courses completed at any other properly accredited college or university in which you have earned a grade of C- or better.
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Bluffton has a rolling admissions policy and accepts students for all terms. However, the best plan is to apply at least one term before you want to begin.

Contact Bluffton University admissions department at 800-488-3257 or by e-mail at .

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