Jayden Groppi-Discovery Program at Bluffton

An opened door

“I came in through the Discovery Program. My GPA in high school and my ACT score weren’t high enough. Bluffton took a real shot accepting me.” As a senior, Jayden mentored students in the same program.

Discovery Program

The Discovery Program is designed to support students of academic promise who do not meet one or more of the initial admission requirements. It includes carefully planned classes in the first semester to help students develop the skills necessary for academic success at Bluffton. Discovery Program students also benefit from financial support, including academic scholarships.

How the Discovery Program works:

All participants in the Discovery Program take the Applied College Skills DIS 050 class during the fall semester. In order to continue studies after fall semester, students need to pass the Applied College Skills class with a C- or better. Students who find success in this class greatly increase their ability to graduate in four years.  

In addition, students may be asked to take two other foundational courses as a part of their fall semester class schedule: Basic Mathematics MAT 050 and Academic Writing CMP 102. This will be determined, in part, by a review of high school academic records prior to fall class registration.

As participants in the Discovery Program, students will work closely with the Learning Resource Center. The staff in the Learning Resource Center will be available to assist with the transition to the academic demands of college level work by providing assistance with study skills, time management, tutoring, homework and test preparation. We encourage students to take advantage of these services and the many additional benefits of the Discovery Program.

Students interested in the Discovery Program should contact the admissions office for more information.

Top performer in social mobility

U.S. News & World Report recognizes colleges who are successful at advancing social mobility by enrolling and graduating students awarded Pell Grants. The majority of these federal grants are awarded to students whose adjusted gross family incomes are under $50,000.