Cross-cultural experience to Korea will be a choir concert tour combined with the focus on the memory of victims from World War II and Korean War.

We will stay in Seoul and travel to historical, cultural and tourist places such as Kyeongju, Gwangju, Busan, and Jeju Island.

In Seoul, the capital city, students will experience K-culture and visit DMZ, the War Memorial of Korea, and Korean Folk Village. We will also meet local people, sing together and have a concert with them. In addition, students will stay with host families for a day too.

During the rest of the trip, we will travel other small and big cities and visit The Museum of Sexual Slavery by Japanese Military and National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation in other cities, will do Temple Stay for a day and travel beautiful Jeju Island for two nights and three days.

Because it is a choir tour, joining University Chorale is required. As long as you enjoy singing in your shower, you will be able to enjoy making music with friends in University Chorale and this Cross-cultural experience.

Dates and costs
Leader: Bo Young Kang
Dates: May 15-June 2, 2023
Program fee: $5,900
Students: 24 maximum
Vaccinations: COVID-19 recommended, but optional
Passport required - must be valid at least 6 months after the return date