GUATEMALA: Culture, language, human right to movement, history

Discover the rich Mayan history of Guatemala as we travel to ancient ruins such as Iximché, or visit the old colonial capital city of Antigua. Explore colorful, lakeside towns supported by their rich heritage of handmade textiles, locally grown coffees , and artisinal chocolates while surrounded by picturesque volcanoes along gorgeous Lake Atitlán as you dig deeper into Guatamela’s Mayan roots and the country’s complex history. Musuem excursions and community organizations provide insight into how Guatemalans are today working through a difficult past, and yet building their country’s new future. Language classes are provided to help students communicate with others throughout our stay. In Guatemala City, students will split their time between Casa Emaus, the guest facility at Semilla Anabaptist Seminary, and staying with thoughtfully selected host families.  

Leader: Emily Buckell
Dates: May 8-29, 2024
Program fee: $2,650
Deposit: $300 due Jan. 10
Students: 7-15
Passport required - valid for 6 months beyond return travel date

COVID-19 VACCINE - Strongly encouraged, but optional.

Elaine Suderman, Asst. Director of Cross-cultural Programs