Diversity, equity and inclusion

Tyson GoingsAs part of the launch of the latest Strategic Plan in fall 2020, in direct response to the tragic loss of many Black lives in the last few months, and in collaboration with key faculty and staff stakeholders, President Wood appointed Tyson Goings to the newly created role of Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Although this position and committee will encompass the need to support all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion, in light of recent national events the work of the committee this fall will focus on supporting and creating a welcoming environment for our Black students, faculty and staff. Although Tyson will continue in his role as the Director of Residence Life, in order to allow him time for responsibilities, Amber Smith will take on additional duties and Phill Talavinia will handle disciplinary responsibilities.

In the new role, Tyson will also Chair the newly-created Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. The committee will be appointed annually by the President, in collaboration with the Director of DEI, to support each year’s focus and initiatives. The core committee will also invite additional faculty and staff as needed to ensure broader voices and inclusion as the need arises.

President Wood has appointed the following members to the committee for 2020-21: LaShonda Gurley, DeVan Hill, Quincy Salcido, Crystal Sellers-Battle and Alex Sider.