Volleyball Champs

2015 Volleyball champions

Co-ed Volleyball

Sign up early! Play is limited to the first 12 teams to sign up!

  • Games will be 9:30 - 11:30 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday nights April 2-25 in Sommer Center and Burky Gym.
  • There are 8 members allowed on a team but only 6 on the court at any one time
  • Each team must have at least three females on the roster (and two on the court at all times.)
  • Rules


  • Each game is played by rally points to 25. The leading team must win by 2 points.
  • We will play the best 2 out of 3 games or within a 40 minute time limit. The third game is played to 15.
  • In rally scoring, a point is awarded on every play.
  • Rotation is clockwise. Rotations will occur after each side out. A side out occurs when the team without possession of the serve gains possession..
  • Immediately following a rotation, the player in the right back position will serve the ball.
  • If the serve touches the net it is a service fault and results in a side out.
  • It is illegal to spike on a serve.
  • Once served, the ball may only be touched 3 times per side. A player may never touch it twice in succession unless one touch is a block.
  • It is illegal to hold or throw the ball during play. However, tips are allowed. The referees will distinguish these.
  • Any ball landing on the end line or sidelines is considered to be "in". If the referee is unable to distinguish whether the ball was in or out, a replay will occur. 
  • Balls that hit the ceiling or backboard are still playable (on your side). However, if the ball hits the ceiling or backboard and goes to the other side of the net, it is considered a dead ball.
  • A ball that hits any wall or the bleachers, is considered out of play. If this occurs on a serve the result is a loss of possession of the ball. If this occurs during a volley the serving team will receive the ball IF the opposing team hit last (score); if the serving team was last to touch the ball they will lose the ball.
  • It is illegal to touch the net, reach over the net, or let body parts under the net.
  • There will be no timeouts given during any of the games.