Mud volleyball

Mud Volleyball 2021

Ready to get dirty?

Register today for the third annual Mud Volleyball as a complete team of six, or register as an individual and be assigned to a team. Either way, be ready for a messy time and compete for a coveted Intramural Championship T-Shirt.

Registration deadline:
5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 2, 2023

Come to play or watch:
3 p.m., Sunday, September 3, 2023
Near Buildings and Grounds

Mud Volleyball Registration


  • Single elimination tournament
  • Each game is played to 15 points. The leading team must win by 2 points.
  • The serving side can only score points.
  • Each team must consist of 6 players with at least one woman for every 2 men.
  • Rotation is clockwise. Rotations will occur after each sideout. A sideout occurs when the team without possession of the ball gains possession.
  •  Immediately following a rotation, the player in the right back position will serve the ball.
  •  If the serve touches the net it is a service fault and results in a side out.
  • Once served, the ball may only be touched 3 times per side. A player may never touch it twice in succession unless one touch is a block.
  •  It is illegal to hold or throw the ball during play. However, tips are allowed. The referees will distinguish these.
  •  Any ball landing on the edge of the court is considered "in."
  • It is illegal to touch the net, reach over the net, or let body parts under the net.