Co-ed Kickball

Teams for Bluffton University intramural kickball consist of eight players, four of each gender.
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Team must consist of 4 male/4 female players.


  • A team consists of 8 players, 4 of each gender. A team may play legally with 7 or 6 players provided they do not have less than 3 of one gender and no more than 4 of one gender. If a team plays with 7 or 6 players they will not be assessed automatic outs when the missing player(s) turn comes up in the batting order.

  • Teams must alternate positions in the batting order by sex. If a team has less than 8 players, positions must be alternated in the batting order as far down the order as possible. If a team is playing with more than 50 percent of one sex, a player of the majority sex must bat first.

  • Males and females do not have to alternate defensively on the bases or in the outfield. The catcher and pitcher do not have to be of opposite sexes and are considered infielders. Teams are not regulated as far as the number of infielders or outfielders or gender of each.

  • Games are 7 innings or 55 minutes. Kickball is played on a regulation softball field.
  • Everyone bats each inning. When the last batter of an inning puts the ball in play, the inning will end either when the batter has been put out, or when the defense is in possession of the ball while touching home plate. No tag is necessary at home plate.
  • The batter is out in situations similar to softball (forceouts, popouts, etc.). In addition, a runner is out when he/she is hit by a thrown ball below the waist.
  • The ball is put in play when the pitcher (a player on the defensive team) rolls the ball toward home plate and the batter attempts to kick the ball. The batter must wait for the ball to be within three feet of home plate before kicking the ball. If the batter does not like the pitch, he/she should not attempt to kick it, and another pitch will be thrown. There are no strikeouts or walks. A batter gets only one attempt at kicking the ball. A missed attempt or foul ball is an out.
  • A runner who leaves the base before the pitch reaches home plate or is hit, is out and the ball is dead. Leading off and stealing bases between pitches is not allowed.
  • In order to prevent injury and protect the defensive player attempting to make a play on a base runner, the base runner must be called out, if he/she remains on his/her feet, and deliberately, with great force crashes into a defensive player holding the ball, waiting to apply a tag. If the act is determined to be flagrant, the offender shall also be ejected.
  • A designated batter or extra batter is allowed. If an extra batter is used in co-rec, two extra batters must be used, with one being of each gender. Any eight players may play defense (In Co-Rec, no more than (4) players and no less than (3) players of one gender may play defense at one time).
  • Bunting will not be permitted and is a dead ball and an automatic out.


  • Shoes must be worn by all players. No metal, hard plastic or polyurethane spikes or shoes with detachable cleats are allowed.
  • Forfeit time has been established as game time. Teams should report to the Intramural Staff Assistant a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game to fill out the score sheet and disclaimer, and for the coin flip. Teams must report to the Intramural Staff Assistant prior to going to their diamonds.
  • The manager or team representative must list the batting order prior to the start of the game. Score sheets are available from the Intramural Staff Assistant at the fields.
  • A coin flip will determine the choice of home and visiting teams. Be ready to bat/kick in proper order. Teams should hustle in and out between innings as there is a time limit in effect (except semifinal and final games).
  • Games that are rained out will most likely not be made up.
  • First and last names must be legibly printed on the scorecard (no nicknames please).
  • A game will consist of 7 innings, however, no new inning may begin after 55 minutes has elapsed from the time the game began, unless the score is tied. In the event of rain, darkness or 10 run rule, 5 innings (4 1/2 if the home team is ahead) will constitute a game (or at least 45 minutes have been played).
  • Injured Runner: If an accident to a batter-runner or baserunner prevents him/her from proceeding in the game, a substitute runner of the same sex will be permitted. If no substitutes are available, the player of the same sex who made the last out will run.
  • Any player can play any position defensively.