Flag football

Teams for Bluffton University intramural flag football consist of seven players. The team must be co-ed with at least two male and two female players.
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Team must consist of 7 players with at least 2 males and 2 females


  • Players are NOT allowed to wear steel cleats. (Players with steel cleats will be asked to remove them or be removed from the contest.)
  • On the offense, at least three (3) players must always be on the line of scrimmage. The remaining four (4) can be placed anywhere on the offensive side of the ball. One lineman may release to become an eligible receiver.
  • LENGTH OF GAME: Each half shall be 20 minutes long with game clock running continuously. Except in the last 2 minutes of the second half where NCAA rules will be in effect. Each team will have 30 seconds to put the ball into play after the referee declares play to begin. Delay of game penalties will be a 5 yard penalty.
  • TIME OUTS: There will be one time out per half.
  • YARDS AND DOWNS: Teams are allowed four downs (or attempts) to advance the ball from the zone in which they were awarded the football. If successful, they are awarded four additional downs to advance the ball to the next zone.  
  • STARTING THE GAME: Each half shall be started with a kickoff from the 20 yard line. A coin toss will decide who shall kickoff and who shall receive in the 1st half. During kickoffs a team may onside kick as long as the ball goes past the first line, which will be 20 yards.
  • REMOVING THE FLAG: When the flag is cleanly taken from the ball carrier the down shall end and the ball is declared dead. The player who removes the flag from the ball carrier should immediately hold the flag above his head to assist the official in locating spot where the capture occurred. In attempting to remove a flag from a ball carrier, the defensive player may not hold, push or knock the ball carrier down. Penalty: 10 yards
    • Tackling will not be tolerated-one warning will be issued and the next will result in an ejection.
  • DEAD BALL: A live ball becomes dead as a result of the following:
    • When a runner is declared down.
      • When any part of the runner's body, other than his hands or feet, touch the ground.
    • Officials may declare a "Dead Ball" at any time by giving the appropriate hand signal and blowing her/his whistle. 
  • BLOCKING: In all instances, a blocker must remain on his feet before and after contact with his opponent is made. The penalty for leaving feet on a block is back 10 yards. Any chop-blocks or head-shots will result in an ejection from the game as well as 10 yard penalty.
  • STIFF ARMS: Are illegal and result in a 10-yard penalty.  
  • PROTECTION ON PUNTS: On all punts from scrimmage, the kicker shall have absolute protection. The defensive team should maintain four players on the line of scrimmage, however these players may not charge beyond this line. If they desire, the defensive players may prevent the offensive linemen from racing down field by blocking them. ALL offensive players shall remain on the line until the ball has been kicked. No fake punts. If the kicker misses the ball or it hits the ground before it gets to him, the ball becomes dead and rekicked.
  • IN CASE OF A TIE: The ball will be placed on the 20-yard line and each team gets 4 downs to score. If only one team scores they are the winner. If both teams score, (regardless of number of downs) the overtime is played over. Extra points will also be used.
    • 5 yards: offside, illegal procedures, illegal motion, illegal shift, substitution infraction, delay of game, intentionally grounding or illegal forward pass.
    • 10 yards: personal foul, clipping, roughing-the-kicker, un-sportsmanlike conduct, illegal use of hands and arms, offensive pass interference. Defensive forward pass interference awards the ball to the offended team at the spot of the infraction.
    • An EJECTED player MUST leave the field or his team will be given a forfeit.
  • Arguing with officials will NOT be tolerated and will result in a 10-yard penalty and continuing to argue will result in ejection and possible expulsion from the league. (Depending on the severity of the infraction.)
  • All flag belts should be tied tightly and flags cannot be tied. They should be able to be removed easily and if they cannot a penalty of 10 yards will be assessed.