Crossnet is a game that combines Four-Square and volleyball. You may register as a single player or as a team of four.
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  • CROSSNET is a game for 4 or more players. You can play the game by following these steps and tips:
    • To start the game, the CROSSNET is set up at the correct height.
    • 4 players must then take their positions, one in each square. If there are additional players, they must form a line along the outside area of square 1.
    • Players then focus on getting to the 4th square while scoring 11 points.
    • The game kicks off with the player positioned in square 4 serving the ball across the nets to square 2. So this means the direction of the service is diagonal.
    • The player in square 2 must return to the ball over the net to any of the other squares. From this point on, the basic rules of volleyball apply (most of them at least).
    • The game continues with players rallying the ball until one of the players misplays. A player who misplays is “out” and must return to square 1 or, in the case of more than 4 players, must join the back of the line formed outside square 1, while the rest of the players rotate into the empty space in a clockwise direction.
    • Players who are in a higher position square do not rotate with the rest of the players.
    • Players in square 4 only leave square 4 if they misplay or another player gets them out.
    • Unlike volleyball, CROSSNET players only have one hit to get the ball over the net and into another square.
    • The player in square 4 scores by getting other players out or when other players get each other out. Players in square 4 can also earn additional points by being the last player to touch the ball before another person fails to deliver the ball over the net.
    • The overall winner of the game is the first player in square 4 to score 11 points.
    •  If there is a tie, additional rules apply. The CROSSNET game includes a “win by 2 points” rule. This means that if any 2 players reach 10 points at the same time, the winner is the player that can get 2 more points than the other opponent.
    • When a player is out, they join the back of the queue or return to square 1.


  • A player is out in the following instances:
    • The player hits the ball out of bounds.
    • The ball lands in the player’s square.
    •  The player hits the ball more than once (double-hitting).
    • The player hits the ball near another player’s section of the court, but it lands out of bounds.

The rules of CROSSNET are simple and easy to follow, which makes it one of the reasons why it has grown in popularity so quickly.


  • CROSSNET is a game that originates from Miami in Florida, USA. It is the brainchild of Chris Meade, Greg Meade, and Michael Delpapa. In 2017, the group was brainstorming ideas for a new game that combined both Four-Square and volleyball rules.
  • At the time, the team felt as if good-quality and enjoyable beach games were lacking in the USA. Chris, Grey, and Michael lived in Connecticut. They set out to create the game of CROSSNET and found that the concept had already been patented.
  • The team proceeded to gain the rights to the concept, called it “CROSSNET”, developed the rules, and then moved to Miami (where the beach market is more prominent) to start up a thriving business that has popularized CROSSNET