3 on 3 Basketball

Teams will be limited to 4 players (may be co-ed.) Games will be played 9:30-11 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, Oct. 17-26, in Sommer Center.

General rules



General Rules:
  • Half-court game.
  • Game length 30 minutes or first team to 21 points.
  • Games are self-officiated.
  • Intramural supervisor has final say in all disputes.
  • Teams must provide game ball.

Additional rules:

  • Players keep their own score.
  • A flip of the coin will determine possession of the ball.
  • Must have at least 2 players to start the game.
  • Participants must wear a shirt during play.
  • All baskets shall be worth one point. There are no free throws in 3 on 3 basketball.
  • Following a defensive rebound, the ball must be cleared to a distance equivalent to the top of the key in any direction from the basket. A shot taken and converted without proper clearance shall not count, and the offensive team shall retain possession.
  • After a made basket, the defensive team shall obtain possession. All in-bounds must be checked by the defensive team.
  • All violations and fouls will result in the opposition of the team committing the infraction obtaining/retaining possession of the ball. The opposing team shall inbound the ball at any position behind the three-point line. Any ball going out of bounds shall also be inbounded from any position behind the three-point line, regardless of where the ball went out of bounds. The IM staff may disqualify any player guilty of excessive, flagrant or intentional fouling.
  • Each team is allowed one time-out. Each time out shall last no longer than one minute. Time-outs may only be called during a dead ball situation or after a made basket. The forty-minute period for the length of game shall continue to run during a time-out.
  • Hanging on the rim will constitute an immediate technical foul two points will be awarded to the opposing team (along with possession of the ball), no foul shots will be taken.
  • If a person holds the ball for more than 10 seconds it will be considered stalling.
  • Teams may substitute at any dead ball during the game.